Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Friday, January 7, 2011

One week! hurray!! Lets sit on the potty!!

Hurray I have made it one week TV Free!!  I also have managed to convince my two year old that TV is broken, so even though he continues to keep asking about all his shows, he seems to accept pretty well that the TV is broken (unplugged) and mommy doesnt know how to fix it!!  I, like Vern, seem to feel very different lately, but it may just be the adrenaline, after all we are only one week in!!  But I feel like I spend A LOT more time with my kids, even tho we spend the same amount of time together.  Kenny seems to have filled his TV void with asking me to read we sit together and read and talk a ton more than we used to...then yesterday the most amazing thing happened (and i credit it to TV although who knows!) Kenny walked up to me and said "Mommy I want to go sit on the potty" I have been waiting to hear this for the last six months!! we have had fights and screams and one time he even threw a block at me over this...and now he is asking a couple times a day to sit on it and is happy about it!!  so yeah i know it may not be the whole TV thing, but i'm sure as heck not turning it back on with this kind of progress!  I feel like diaper free days may actually happen for me someday!!
Also Mark was gone for two days this week, which usually means I am guilty of using the TV as a sedative, as I pretty much hate being home alone and usually choose to pass out on the couch watching TV so that I dont think about all the scary things that happen to people when they're home alone...instead I read my book which actually quickly put me to sleep! and I went to bed at a decent hour in my own bed, and I felt much better the next day :)
So that is the highlight of my first week - hope all of yours was as eventful as mine!! - mird

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