Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Was Wrong

Yesterday my day ended up just fine.  It was just another close call.  A really close one at that, but I never did turn on my TV.  And that’s the important thing, that I never actually turned it on.  That is what really counts. Thank goodness for good friends and that there are no style points to this NO TV deal.  I would have scored really low on style points yesterday, and I suspect the same will be true today (assuming I make it through the rest of today without our TV which that this point in times seems pretty unlikely). 
Yesterday, Kim and her kids entertained my kids all morning and for much of the afternoon.  They built a snow fort and went sledding while I snuggled inside writing my blog and watching Hazel.  Once my kids had burned off all their pent up energy outside, Kim watched my kids so I could take a quick much needed run with my friend, Kirby.  He is a school teacher and at his school it was a snow day so he called to see if I could run at about and we were on the trail at a little after one.  It was a total spur of the moment run.  These are the best kind in my opinion especially on days when you are feeling drained and burned out as I certainly was yesterday.  The run was the best part of the day, by far, and it worked to restore a bit of sanity to me at a critical time during the day.  Ultimately, the run gave me the strength and stamina to make it through the rest of the day without turning to the TV for entertainment.  Yes, it was that important! I owe a big thanks to Kirby for the invite and to Kim and her kids for watching my kids and driving me to my run since my van would not have made it out of the driveway.
It turns out, yesterday wasn’t really my test at all.  I was wrong about that.  No, yesterday was just a pop quiz, or perhaps it was mere training, but it definitely wasn’t my test.  Today is my real test it seems and so far I have hung on, barely, but I have not hit the power button, yet.  Today I have two sick kids and the third is still teething.  It is pretty much hell, you know, without the fire and brimstone, but still it is pretty awful.  To make matters worse, the illness crept up on us while we slept, or more accurately, while we should have been sleeping.  So once again I find myself operating on less sleep than I got back in the newborn days and so completely exhausted that I can barely move my sore body from a resting state.  I just pray that the soreness is a result of overexerting myself during the run and not a symptom of some sinister cold that will render my body even more useless tomorrow.  For split second, I actually found myself yearning for the days when I worked and I could just hide away in my office drinking coffee until my exhaustion subsided or the day ended, whichever came first.
Entertainment, so far today, has been, at best, average.  I am pretty sure my kids are not impressed, in fact, quite the opposite they are disappointed in me.  For being sick, Kara and AJ sure do expect a lot of entertainment and they have a lot of energy too.  Honestly, they really don't really seem very sick anymore.  The lack of success in today's entertainment can only be blamed on myself.  I'm not trying to brag, but my recent entertainment track record has been quite impressive which makes today seem all the more dismal so I totally get why my kids are bored.  They have come to expect exciting adventures with lots of energy and creative improvisations from me and today I have none of that to offer.  I just can’t muster up the energy needed for my normal entertainment line up. A heartfelt “sorry” is offered up from me instead whenever they ask about our next adventure. So far we have passed time by eating breakfast (which today counts as entertainment in my book), coloring pictures with the intent of sending them to family members in the mail although honestly that seems a bit ambitious for our current state of affairs and we just got play dough out and are busy making cookies. Oh No, our day is only half over.  YIKES.  I just ask the good lord for the strength to get through this day at all and if the TV has to be utilized for cheap entertainment then so be it.
Vern Out

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