Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Cardinal Rule and a Close Call

It’s only Monday morning and I already broke one of my own cardinal rules.  I went into public without a bra on.  I know, totally disgusting.  I used to make fun of women who did this at the animal shelter when I worked there.  Normally I would not even consider such an atrocity, but it was somewhat of an emergency situation.  It’s the closest I have come to turning our TV on.  It was that bad. 
It all started with another lousy night’s sleep, compliments of Miss Hazel.  Then Kara woke up at the ungodly time of from a bad dream and would not go back to sleep.  Sleep deprivation really will cause you to do some crazy outrageous things, things you would normally not even consider doing.  Anyhow, I had to have a fasting blood draw completed this morning so when it became apparent at about 6 that Kara was not going to return to a sleeping state, I decided to take advantage of the early awakening by getting the lab visit completed bright and early.  Kara agreed to come along as long as I promised not to cry.  A pinky promise ritual was performed and we started getting ready for our adventure. 
Now is when the emergency situation kicked in.  We had no clothes at our disposal to wear on our outing.  Normally, before I gave up TV, there would be piles of clothes dispersed throughout our house.  It was just my way of life to have stacks of clean laundry piled everywhere.  Clothing rarely made it to its appropriate drawer.   Now, however, with the elimination of TV, I have kicked the despicable habit thus leaving us with an unpleasant choice to be made.  Either risking waking someone up to get clothes out of our respective rooms, or completing our mission in what we were currently wearing.  I opted for the latter.   Anyone else awake in the house, just seemed like a very bad choice. We were going to go as is.  This meant that I was going in workout pants and a tank top (luckily I found a little sweatshirt in the van to further hide my unsecured breasts), no socks and my running shoes to complete the ensemble.  Kara was in very stylish purple flannel pajamas so she was in better shape than I.  She was also sockless. Socks were just a luxury we could not afford, if we were to successfully escape without waking others. Her winter boots and coat were in the entry way so fortunately she was still cozy.
The trip itself was fairly uneventful. I did keep my promise not to cry.  Although, I nearly wept when I had to remove my big winter coat that was providing a sense of security to me to have my blood drawn and then again when I returned home to find my frilly red bra sitting on the couch underneath Jeff’s coat (not sure how it got there, but I was pretty upset that I broke my rule unnecessarily).  That was the moment that pushed me over the edge.  Had Wheel of Fortune or Ellen been airing on any of the regular network TV channels at the time, I would have tuned in and watched every last minute.  It was the poor options available in early morning television that kept me from watching this morning, not my self respect or discipline.  It really was pretty pathetic, but I survived and without TV again.  It was a close call though, a really close call.

Vern Out

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