Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confessions From The First TV Free Month

My sheets have been changed more in the past month than they had been in the entire first half of 2010 and no unfortunately I am not kidding.  While I did not actually keep a running tally or have a set schedule for sheet washing last year, I feel confident in the accuracy of this alarming statistic I just shared with you.  I am not proud of this fact. It is actually quite embarrassing, but it’s also quite true.  Ironically, we have also had sex in the morning more times in the past month than we had in the past year too.  It wasn't planned the sheets and sex combination just happended, but it is probably a good thing that they did take place at roughly the same time.  And yes we have had sex in general more often than usual so the clean sheets have been necessary.  Jeff LOVES clean sheets on the bed and he's a guys so I am sure he likes getting some more often.  We have been getting along better than ever lately.  I am counting on these facts to keep Jeff on board for the upcoming second month of the NOTV 2011 challenge.  Without these benefits, I am not certain if Jeff would continue on our NOTV 2011 voyage with us or not.

Another fun secret that goes along with the sex theme, I bought us a sexy game for the year of NOTV.  I thought we deserved a little something special for our efforts to live without TV.  I guess it is probably assumed that when a couple turns off the TV especially in the winter in Michigan, they will end up naked together more often so I thought it would be a fun way to make the nakedness even better.  I won't be sharing too many details on the success or failure of this one. I don't want our blog to become X rated, but we will be participating in it each week so I will likely need to continue with my weekly washing of our sheets. The game is called,"52 Naughty Nights" it was from the sex toy party I dragged my friends to earlier this month for one of my weekly outings.  It is supposed to add surprise and excitement to the bedroom.  I will be honest I am a little skeptical, but I am also willing to try new things so what the heck.  Each week you, or your spouse (you take turns) get a Love Lotto ticket to scratch off and reveal a surprise for use in the bedroom.  Don't worry, it is nothing too kinky.  So far we have done two of them and they have been kind of silly, but it is still fun to get the lotto ticket.  I guess it is the thrill of gambling oh and the sex is kinda fun too!  
My next confession, and it’s a big one, is that I do actually miss TV sometimes. Not often, but every once in awhile I miss it.  On the blog, I am almost always upbeat and positive about NOTV 2011 (unless there is an illness or hormones involved).  And don’t get me wrong, I am still all of those things.  I am completely committed to NOTV 2011 and totally passionate about it almost to a fault; I am somewhat obsessed with this new lifestyle of ours.  I would still totally start the NOTV revolution across America, if I had a little more time, money, energy and one of those cool fancy buses everyone takes on campaign tours.  So I hate to admit that I occasionally miss TV and if anyone tells Jeff, I will deny that I ever said it.  I am really very happy without TV being a part of our life.  Most of the time, I do not miss it at all.  I am too busy playing with the kids or planning fun and crazy stuff for us to do.  But once in awhile, when the stars are properly aligned and the kids are deserving of a grand reward, I will, for just a split second, find myself missing the good old TV watching days. Okay enough about that one and I really will deny all of this, if you tell Jeff!
Another timely declaration, I had no idea what a blog was four months ago.  I had a basic concept from watching Julie and Julia, but I had no idea how to start one and no intention of ever having my own. I had no idea what a blog was really all about before we started this little NOTV2011 gig. If my sister, Miranda, hadn’t started this one for me I would likely still be blogless today.  Is blogless even a word? I doubt it. Anyhow, I was a blog virgin not so long ago. 

I may have inadvertently and unintentionally created three little imagination monsters.  I guess there are worse things I could have accidentally done like driving the van into the garage.  Oh wait, I did do that last week.  My kids' imaginations are running rampant and out of control!  It's like the rabies epidemic of the 20th century only without the rabid dogs and other wild animals.  Since the TV has been shut off, you all know that my imagination has been a little over active. Well apparently imaginations are contagious becuase they have totally caught my imagination bug.  Yesterday, my two eldest talked me into letting them bath in the kitchen sink which is by the way MUCH too small for them.  They had the most incredible time and while in the sink that barely held them they created space ships complete with computers that were able to track daddy's location at work. 
My final confession of the month is related to my addiction.  While I maintain that I am not addicted to sleeping pills, and I have actually not taken any more since my last post regarding them to support my stance on the matter, I may be addicted to this blog.  I find it very hard to live for more than a day or two without checking in on it and most days I even need to write something on it as I am sure all of you have noticed.  I take great joy in watching it grow and mature and I get excited when something totally outrageous or funny happens because I know I will get to write a story about it later to share on the blog.  I may indeed have a serious blogging problem.  Are there help groups for blog addiction?  There are for every other addiction, so I suspect there may be.  Although I doubt they have daycare for my kids.  Anyone who has words of wisdom for me on this one let me know.  Until next time, there are all my deepest, darkest secrets from the first month exposed for all to read!
Vern Out

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