Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

In the spirit of this great holiday, this one is dedicated once again to my main squeeze, Jeff.  Maybe someday he will actually read some of these, and get to hear all of my great insight into life and love (and anything else random that comes to mind as I write).  Until then I just write it because today that is what moves me.

Anyhow,  I am back at the library with the kids and once again Hazel is completely enamored with the tables and chairs.  She loves them dearly.  I guess somewhere deep down in my heart, I knew the electrical outlet fascination would not last long.  It was not true love; No, it was not the real deal.  It was just the fun kind of love; the kind that comes and goes easily.  The kind that happens when you date a new and exciting guy, even if you know he is not right for you just because he is just that- fun and exciting (and if he happens to be cute that doesn't hurt either).  Hazel's love for the copy machine was just that a quick and easy, intoxicating kind of love.

Jeff and I now we have the real thing.  It isn't pretty at times, it can actually be down right ugly. But it is real.  At least I hope it is.  We have the kind of love that drives you absolutely crazy-out of your mind at times.   We annoy and irritate each other regularly. Jeff likes to pick on me, but that is just the way he shows affection.  But we do love each other. We have lasting, enduring, forever kind of love.  This is the kind of love that Hazel feels for these library chairs and tables.  It will endure.  It will last. It is forever (or at least until she turns 3)!

As for our Valentine Day date, I do not hold a lot of hope for it amounting to much more than us playing cribbage, or maybe scrabble, while we each relaxe in our respective spots.  Jeff belongs in his Lazy Boy and I on the couch.  Jeff might do scrabble in the spirit of this special day.  Yes I might get a good game of scrabble out of Valentine's Day.  Pretty lame, I know, but heck with three kids and all it gets tough to do a real night out.  In all fairness to Jeff, he did make some effort in the romantic movie department by renting Love Actually.  It was a logical choice for an alternate since he could not find the other two I had requested at the library. But I have already seen it TWICE and while I am completely in love with Hugh Grant and was totally willing to watch it a third time, Jeff does not share my affection for him. Once he learned of my history with the movie and my crush on Hugh Grant, he opted out of watching it altogether.   I guess I can't blame him. One bonus is that we won't have the TV on at all for Valentine's Day afterall. 

As an added Valentine's Day gift to you, our readers, I am going to provide as much insight into the male perspective on this whole NOTV 2011 deal as I can.  However, due to poor behavior from my kids and Hazel's immense love for these blessed tables, this will have to wait until tonight when the kids are tucked in so you will have to tune in tomorrow to hear my version of the husband's perspective. Maybe Jeff will give me some more good data tonight to help me with it anyways.
V Out

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