Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trips and Motherhood

Okay so I once read a quote, "motherhood is not for sissies".  I am not sure who wrote this, but I totally buy into that philosophy.  Whoever wrote that was a smart person.  More than likely the author is a smart mother.  Sissies should not become pregnant.  Pregnancy itself may kill a sissy.  Natural selection plays a role in motherhood this much I know.  And if pregnancy doesn't kill a sissy, the ongoing demands of motherhood certainly would.  A sissy wouldn't last a day as a mother.  I am not a sissy, nor a wimp.  I am pretty tough and I am not just bragging.  I have the examples to prove it.  I gave birth to all three of my kids without any drugs at any time during the births.  Heck I never even took the drugs they sent home with me afterwards.  I also ran a half marathon with wet shoes on the entire race.  It cost me two toe nails, but I never stopped or walked and I finished with a respectable time.   Not convinced yet?  Well I also survived my traumatic emergency brain surgery four years ago.  Yes I sat wide awake while the neurosurgeon drilled a hole into my head.  That one just about killed me for real, but it didn't.  And as my mother always told me "If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger". Anyhow, I made up my own original version of the motherhood quote too while driving to Miranda's the other day.  "If motherhood is not for sissiers; then roadtrips are not for wimpy mothers".  We survived the roadtrip to Miranda's, but I will say it was not pretty.  No it was down right ugly at times.   I like roadrips when kids are napping and I am jamming to some good country music.  Even trendy top 40 music will do as long as the music is familiar to me and I can sing along.  Sleeping is what the kids should have done, but they didn't.  Other than 45 minutes on the trip home when two out of three slept, the kids were awake for the entire long four hours worth of driving.  I did let Kara watch one Barney show on her portable DVD player.  It was shortly after one of the kids asked "Are we there yet?"  for at least the ninetieth time that I snapped.  I pulled into the next rest area and started the Barney movie at once.  Kara was mesmerized by it and sat quietly for the show.  AJ was not nearly as impressed, but he did quiet down for a short time before inquiring about our distance from home again.  Other than that there have been no television or movies played for our family and the movie was honestly for safety purposes only.  If I had to listen to the kids complain or fight with each other one more time, I may have purposefully driven into the next passing semi.  Not really, but I was out of patience and desperate so the movie was a necessity.
V out 

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