Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have both good and bad news to share today. As for the ugly that was just me doing squats on that balance ball yesterday!  That was definitely ugly.  I always take bad news first when I am on the receiving end of news so I am going to dole that out first simply out of habit. Then we will head onto the good news.  So here goes.  Something is wrong with my uterus.  I know, yuck.  I found out about it at my annual Gyno check-up last week.  I had been having lower abdominal pain for awhile now and had actually been to see my regular doctor about it.  He had thought it was related to my increased mileage running.  I didn’t really think that was the problem, but I also knew that I was going to see my Gyno soon so I just left it alone for the time being. 
Then at my OB appointment I told my Gyno about my constant annoying discomfort and he isolated the pain to be my uterus.  He believes it is a condition called adenomyosis, a condition which results from endometrial tissue that normally just lines the uterus actually grows into the muscular uterine wall.  There are no good tests to confirm the condition (apparently MRI, Catscan and Ultrasound are not good at picking up this type of tissue growth) so they just diagnose it based on symptoms which are basically that you feel like you are PMSing (boy I do like making up new words) non stop, your periods are heavy and irregular and your abdomen hurts intermittently.  And the worst part is the doctors don't seem to think it is a big deal.  If I was their wife they might feel differently.  I am pretty sure Jeff does think my mood swings are a big deal. 
I know. How fun does that sound for both me and Jeff?  Anyhow, unless the pain gets too unbearable, or worse yet I get too unbearable with my constant moody status, they don’t recommend any treatment other than ibuprofen when the pain is bad. If it gets really bad then the recommendation is for some ablation treatment where they use a laser to burn the lining of the uterus or in severe cases a hysterectomy is ordered up.  Neither of which sound particularly appealing to me, the lady with high pain tolerance will just live with the pain. So I think I will stick to the ibubrofen game plan for now anyways.
Seriously, enough about my uterus though.  How about some good news now!  I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be from yesterday’s Super Woman workout! This is such a welcomed surprise.  I am just sore enough that I actually don’t notice the uterus pain at all today, but not so sore that I hate myself for yesterday’s workout.  The soreness is not so extreme that getting out of bed this morning was a struggle either.  Yes, I would say I am the absolute perfect amount of sore today. The pain does consume my quads and gluteus muscles like a macho Italian guy consumes his latest love interest. But other than that, I feel pretty good today.  I feel the kind of soreness that can only be caused by a super killer workout with a super killer instructor.  Yes yesterday’s workout was the kind of workout in which I take great pride and the fact that I can actually move today without serious discomfort is an added bonus.
On the TV front, as I predicted, Jeff failed with the romantic movie rental mission. I knew he wouldn’t pay to rent one so we did not watch anything on Valentine’s Day after all.  And the TV has been off without exception since the Superbowl so the NOTV 2011 challenge is going very well for me and my family, the one I am raising today, not the one I grew up in.  I am yet to hear from my siblings with which I did grow-up so I can only speculate that they are still involved on some level with our deal.  Hopefully we will hear back from them soon.  Miranda promised me a post some time today so we shall see if she keeps her word (no pressure Mird)


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