Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Alive!

I really thought my fate today was sealed when I awoke to find Kara hovered over the toilet dry heaving at six this morning.  Yes at that point in time, I was certain that I would spend my day as a nurse to Kara.  I would be stuck inside on such a glorious day and worst of all I would be without internet.  I really figured a story to share would not happen at all, but then I talked Kara into taking a bath and gave her some cough syrup and within about an hour she was feeling much better and she insisted she was ready to go to school with her cough drops in hand!  Apparently it was just all the coughing that had led to her dry heaving.  Who knew?

Anyhow, You will be happy to learn that I am back at my usual routine today I have been to the gym to workout and now I am at the library safely with three kids to monitor and therefore no opportunity for me to get lost in my deep thoughts like I did yesterday.  Today it is much easier to know what to write about, however, I also have two little children to monitor while I write, so it is much more challenging to try to capture my thoughts! 

A lot has happened since yesterday.  First of all, we met with an architect to start working on plans for the house we are going to build!  I was not excited for the outing before we left and that is probably an understatement.  I am a lot like Miranda that way, I just figured whatever we end up with will be a marked improvement over what we are living in currently and I just don't care that much about house stuff.  Our current house is much too small for a family of five.  It also lacks an entryway which results in me becoming irritated every time we arrive home.  First thing when we arrive home, we have to squeeze into the tiny hallway that has a steep and dangerous set of stairs running behind it in order to access our house.  Nothing in life is so maddening as this experience that we get to endure each time we arrive home.  The new house is definitely much needed.  I am not sure why, but I really thought I would be bored out of my mind at this architect meeting.  I guess I just don't think of myself as architect meeting material.  I am not the type.  To be honest, I'd have rather gone to the dentist, or back to the Gyno, than meet with an architect.  I would have tried to get out of it, but I knew that would result in a fight with Jeff so reluctantly I loaded up, coffee in hand, to attend the meeting.  The coffee was critical as I was certain I would fall asleep without it.  But surprisingly I wasn't bored (too much) and even more surprisingly I had ideas about the house.  Yes on this occasion I impressed myself!

After the architect meeting we headed to look at fireplaces and kitchen and bathroom accessories.  Again I was not excited to go, but again I feared a fight would ensue with Jeff if I didn't so I went.  While I did get bored with the fireplace discussion (which lasted well over 30 minutes mind you)  I didn't get too bored at the kitchen and bathroom place because it was there that I met my true love.  It's true I am in love and this is the real deal LOVE not the infatuation type of love like Hazel experienced with the electical outlets at the library last week.  Yes I am in LOVE with a bathtub!  I met the bath tub of my dreams at this store and we may even buy it for the new house!  Well nothing else noteworthy happened on the house planning excursion and then I came to the library and did yesterday's story.

 We had dinner with the in-laws complete with a couple glasses of much needed wine.  Nothing too notable happened there other Than Kara showing up to dessert last night clothed in her pajamas and her ski helmet.  It made us all laugh. It would make you laugh, but unfortunately I don't have pictures from that one.  Still no TV which when Kara was praying to the porceline god seemed unlikely, but I guess it just goes to show that you never know what will happen next when you have kids!
Vern Out

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  1. I can totally see you getting into the house project, Vern. You don't know what you're missing (and need) until you hit the road to see the possibilities. Enjoy the journey!