Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Romantic Weekend

We are supposed to be cross country skiing in Manistee for our seven year anniversary right now.  We even splurged on the good hotel room instead of the Motel 6 which for us is a big deal.  Instead, we have spent the better part of the weekend at Helen Devos Children's Hospital.  It was not a total loss romantically as we did watch "Letters to Juliet" last night.  It was quite good.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes romantic comedies.  It was a very entertaining and romantic movie and it was set mostly in Italy so that was an added bonus.  It was fairly predictable, but other than that I thought very good.  Tonight we are watching Eat Pray Love.  I finished reading the book last week so I am very excited to see it.  Then we are back to the NOTV deal starting tomorrow or Monday.  The way I see it is this weekend doesn't really count for us since Aven was so sick and we spent a majority of our time in the hospital.  Besides that the doctor told to take it easy for a few days.  So here is a quick update and then we are off to finish our romantic weekend in style.

First of all, we are home and AJ is doing great!  Second of all, I thought we had walked into the wrong house because it was so clean and tidy. Seriously, it looked completely different than how I left it.  There was no evidence remaining of the cat house hot zone that I had left behind and there were no kleenexes on the floor or anywhere else for that matter.  How did my mom get so good at watching children and cleaning at the same time?  I guess there are bonuses to having four kids because she is very good at it!  I need to take lessons from her or hire her or something.  The laundry was all washed and the floors picked up and vacuumed.  The dishes were done, the sinks cleaned and the counters were wiped off.  Not only were all the basics done, but Grandma also washed all of the dirty laundry including the bedding from all four of our beds!  She wanted to "eradicate the germs"!  Mission accomplished, Grandma.  I don't think anything harmful survived your cleaning of our house. 

Now we are getting ready to eat dinner (leftovers) and then Jeff and I are watching Eat Pray Love as soon as we can get the kids to sleep.  This was my first time using a red box rental thing (I know I am behind the times).  Amazingly, I was able to easily operate the thing without error or assistance!  Hopefully I didn't get charged like a million dollars or anything on our credit card.
Vern Out

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