Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday: Another Day with Illness UGH

It is only 8:33 in the morning and I already feel exhausted.  Not that I ever felt wide awake this morning, but I am feeling worse as time passes.  I was up a good majority of the night with sick kids.  Yes it seems that Aven has caught the nasty bug although he assures me that he feels just fine.  He was coughing the entire night and had a fever so I am pretty sure that he is not just fine as he claims.  So an hour ago I found myself again contemplating the NOTV deal.  It is just SO MUCH HARDER when you have sick kids to leave the television off.  It is tougher than the half marathon I ran last fall--FOR REAL at least then I had no whining kids to listen to and I got to enjoy the playlists on Andrea's Ipod.

So far we have not broken down, but we may at some point today. Yes we may be firing up the old TV for a movie during quiet time again.  I am hopeful (and possibly overly optimistic) that we can hold off that long again.  In my defense, I don't partake in the movie watching. Instead I do laundry, pick up around the house and read, but I still prefer that the TV stays off altogether.  This morning, I persuaded everyone into playing hospital.  I figure it is a spin off of doctor which is one of their favorites. The big difference is that at the hospital patients have to stay in their beds.  I figure it is a good  way to trick them into staying in their beds and doing nothing which is probably what their sickly bodies need the most.  I am the doctor and Hazel is my nurse so we should be able to cure them today.  Yes the tandum of Vern and Hazel should be able to knock this bug on its butt.  However, if we spend an entire day doing this and Kara is still sick tomorrow, then my plan is to go to the doctor and get some real drugs.  Various over the counter meds have not touched this thing.  I don't really believe in drugs too much, but this is getting out of control and I am getting completely, utterly and somewhat embarrassingly, desperate. 

Vern Out

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