Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random stuff

Since my lap top died and I recently lost my library card, I am very challenged to get on-line, at least temporarily, so therefore this post will include many of my recent thoughts on NOTV and anything else that pops into my head.  It will be even more random than usual all you type A personalities out there will probably get stressed out just reading this.  Just imagine if you had to be me for a day.   But everyone like me will appreciate it.  You are very welcome Miranda! 

First of all, to put all of your minds at ease, I have been very good without television and have not missed it much since my last post.  There are a few exceptions and I will get to those later.  But first and foremost, I must curse the NBA and its playoffs as I was doing a few nights ago while I tried to relax after the kids were tucked in.  If I never see (or hear) another NBA game it will be too soon.  And to think I used to be a die hard Pistons fan.  If not for the NBA, I would be living my NOTV dream in complete, silent, bliss. Enough about basketball on to the good stuff!

So not that I think any of you are keeping track of my womanly cycles, but it has been a month since I cheated and you know what that means--This week I am struggling again because PMS has set in big time.  And it makes me dream of nothing more than television and sinfully delicious snacks.  At least I don't have poison ivy or sick kids to add to my suffering this month.  And at least we are not reading 1984 for book club!  I am thankful for all that!  Anyhow, I am sure that was more personal information than most of you wanted to know, but it was crucial to understanding my state of mind last night.  Because last night I totally would have cheated again. I would have vegged on the couch with icecream and Agent Morgan (Criminal Minds for those who don't watch it), but instead I was saved by my very own super hero, my husband, Jeff.  He dragged me along on a wild adventure.  I never thought I would say I was saved by a manure spreader, but in this instance it is completely true!  I was saved by a rusty, old, dirty manure spreader.

The ancient, beat-up manure spreader has been Jeff's most recent object of affection.  He has been drooling over it for the past week or so.  He wanted to get it to haul wood for our fireplace (in our new house that is yet to be built mind you). Anyhow, the manure spreader happened to be for sale in Fremont of all places (remember that is where the Smith kids grew up) so we set off on a dual purpose mission:  To visit (and possibly purchase the manure spreader) and to visit Grandma and Grandpa and release our Easter geese on the creek that runs through their farm.  I had been begging to release the geese for a couple weeks now since they are now adults and are producing more manure than a full grown holstein cow.  I guess the new manure spreader could be useful afterall!

Well we were successful on all accounts and are now proud owners of said manure spreader.  I may never see Jeff again at least not until the snow flies and the two-track becomes impassable.  I can see it now: He will just haul wood all day long. 

Anyhow, my final random thought is that I feel as though my right arm has been cut off, or maybe just my left one. I don't know. But I do know that since I have very limited access to the internet, I feel like there is a part of me missing-maybe its part of my brain.  Actually what is missing is my ability to effectively capture my random, but brilliant, thoughts.  I have resorted to using my little green notebook (read the post entitled The Notebook for the rest of that story) for all writing which is a little annoying and gives me hand cramps.   

Vern Out

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