Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The visitors

Yesterday ended up being a day when we never left our property.  At least we did play outside quite a bit despite the somewhat nasty weather that blew in and out of Nunica all day long.  We stayed home the entire day and just kept getting new visitors every few hours!  What a great surprise!  It was, as most things in my life, not a planned thing, but once again it ended up being a great day.  Yesterday just adds more support to my theory that the best things in life can't be planned!  Best of all, our van got an unexpected vacation day.  Of course, my cheap husband loved this added bonus since it saves gas money! 

It all started Saturday night when were all hanging out at our friend's boat; some of our friends asked to come and run the Brainy Day Loop Monday morning.  Of course I love to share our masterpeice with as many people as possible so we planned a 10AM meeting of the legs so to speak!  At that time, I thought I had a nine oclock chiropractor appointment so I planned to quick head there to get my back cracking out of the way and then be home in time to meet our friends.  Well the ginkgo must be kind of working because I was right that I had an appointment, but wrong with the time. I arrived home to discover that the appointment was actually at ten.

First thing Monday (which was yesterday) I called to try to move the appointment to nine oclock, but it wasn't possible so I moved it to Tuesday instead. And with this one fairly minor change to our schedule, the day of visitors was inadvertantly born!

The only thing that went as planned so to speak was that our friends did come to run the loop at ten.  As an added bonus, they let me run it by myself when they got done and they watched my little ones!  I think I got the better end of that deal!  Then other friends stopped by to visit a couple hours later, the neighbor stopped by to chat and one of my running buddies stopped by to visit as well.  We had a different visitor about every two hours which really worked to break up the gloomy, overcast, rainy day.  So to all you "visitors" out there (you know who you are) thanks for stopping by on a gloomy Monday.  Without you, there is every possibility that I may have caved in to the many requests that were made to "just watch movies" yesterday.

Vern Out

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