Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Atari anyone?

         I’ve come to the conclusion that AJ must have inherited his video game playing gene (or lack thereof) from his mother.  There is no other logical explanation to his video gaming skills; he stinks at playing video games, just like me.  He is only three so I guess he could still develop his skills and end up okay in the realm of video game domination later on in life. There is no hope for me. I am thirty four years old and I have never been any good at playing video games unless Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego counts.  Then I ruled the world!  I conquered that game.  Thankfully, as long as you once again discount Carmen San Diego, I have also never really liked video games either.  It is a mutual hate kind of relationship and it works for us. No one is complaining so all is well.
         Anyhow, when I say I never really liked video games that was before I experienced watching AJ play video games.  I absolutely love to do that!  AJ is so entertaining to watch play the games that you don’t really need to watch the actual game. Instead you can just focus on his comical facial expressions, his vocal outbursts and his seizure-like hand movements and voila us grown-ups enjoy some really cheap entertainment.  It is so hysterical.  Jeff and I did just that last Wednesday night; we sat and watched our son play video games for about an hour.  We don’t have a WII or an X-box 280 or whatever it is called. Instead we have one of those cheap, yet still quite cool, boxes (complete with old school joystick) that plugs into your television and supplies several video game options. Ours brings life back to the eighties version of video gaming for a short time by providing classics like Pac-man and Dig Dug!  AJ played all of the Atari legends right in the comfort of our own home and it was so much fun even though he never scored more than a couple hundred points.
       I won the in-law lottery!  It’s true.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I have the absolute best in-laws in the world”.  The whole Atari playing night would not have been possible if not for my in-laws.  On Wednesdays we started a new tradition for the summer.  We rotate our kids.  They take two of our kids so that we can keep one at home and have special time with that kid.  I wish I could say our kids look forward to their night home with mom and dad, but that would be a lie.  They look forward to their time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  However, Jeff and I are working to make the night with mom and dad special so that this might change by summer’s end, but for now it is what it is and that is to say that whoever gets stuck at home with us is not happy at least not initially.  AJ was absolutely tickled pink by night’s end as he played video games.  So we have not been watching television at our house in the traditional sense, but we have been looking at the TV to keep tabs on our "TV game" playing boy.  This only lasted one magical evening and then we returned to business as usual no television even for video games.

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