Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's make it 171

Tonight I was reading the Grand Haven Tribune and the "Today in History" section informed me that it is the 172nd day of 2011.  It is also this day in history that the United States Constitution went into effect as New Hampshire became the nineth state to ratify it.  So here I am 172 days into this NOTV2011 deal tonight and I couldn't be happier about life!  The fact that life no longer includes the TV (short of a handful of exceptions) is so cool!  Once I learned that today is the 172nd day of the year, I realized we are dangerously close to averaging a post a day which was one of our goals for the year.   So I just had to get on here and write something.  Anything. Here goes.

Now I am not generally one to complain, I usually suck it up.  When the #!*% hits the fan I usually just shut up and deal with it, but in this case I will make an exception.  I am going to complain. I am going to complain about the lack of sibling involvement with this blog.  Of the 172 posts I bet 125 are mine.  Given the level of enthusiasm that Rebel and Miranda had in the beginning of this deal (they had at least as much enthusiasm as I), it is disheartening that they rarely write on here.  We miss you. I miss you. Even if you are failing miserably at the NOTV deal guys, you need to write about it and try to make it a little bit entertaining if possible although it is certainly not a requirement.  I write about stuff that is not entertaining all the time!  We need to document the social, physical and emotional impacts that no television has had on you.  Has it changed your habits and outlook on life?  I believe I speak for all of our readers when I say "We do not care if you are failing.  We just want to know how it is going". 

Dominica I realize we strongly persuaded, okay bullied may be a more accurate word, you to join our NOTV2011 experience so I give you a little break.  And I do realize you attended the Bossi Family Reunion last weekend on our all of our behalves (is that even a word?) so I will give you a week. We need to hear from in one week or Jeff and I are going to make something really crazy up. 

Oh and I started my marathon training yesterday in splendid fashion by skipping the first 3 mile run that I should have done according to this training book I have been reading. I think that it was the perfect start to my marathon mission because I tend to do things my own way.  I am not really very good at following directions, but I generally get the desired results.  Tonight I ran four miles which should have been a night off. Oh well, I still have every intention of documenting my marathon experience and making my own training guide for first timers to read because I know this is going to be an incredible, awesome, life altering experience once I survive 26.2!

Vern Out

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