Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Monday, June 27, 2011

Completely TV free for the weekend!

What a beautiful, wonderful, perfect weekend we enjoyed!  As the title suggests there was no television at our place other than a couple minutes of the news to catch the weather each night to confirm that the glorious weather was predicted to stick around. 

Our house started out clean and ended up not much worse for the wear.  We had our first house guest in a very long time which helped motivate a major overhaul of the house Friday afternoon.  The house guest was like a celebrity of sorts at our place.  That is to say the kids LOVED her possibly more than Taylor Swift and would not give her a break from smothering her with affection.  I bet she was glad to return home where she is just "mommy" not a local celebrity.

I also managed to fit in a long run with said house guest, spent quality time with the family (including a voyage north to visit our posse of Grandmas and Grandpas up there) and worked on one of my new projects-cleaning and decorating the refrigerator.  I cleared the outside off completely, wiped it down with clorox spray, removed any out dated pictures and put back only photos that I find motivating for running.  I then began sifting through some hand-me-down Runner's World magazines for motivational sayings and began taping them to the fridge.  Soon our refrigerator will be a major motivating force behind my marathon endeavor!  Right now I have a dozen or so sayings plastered to it and already every time I look for a snack or start cooking a meal I find myself face to face with MOTIVATION!  It is pretty awesome.

Today there are no plans for television.  We will be working on the Brainy Day Trail to prepare it for the fast approaching race.  I also will be tackling the inside of the fridge since Jeff had a little battle with some leftover gravy this morning.  It attacked him as he tried to get lunch meat out of the fridge and spilled all over the floor.  He may have dropped the F bomb a couple of times over that incident and he had to change his clothes because they became gravy laden.  Given this recent turn of events, I suppose the inside of the fridge should be cleaned as well!

Oh Aven just woke up and informed me that "we need to read books" so I will likely be reading quite a bit today as well.

Vern Out

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