Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Monday, June 20, 2011

170th Post

I was looking at the statistics for NOTV2011 blog and this is our 170th post for the year! Can you believe it?  I can't.  Anyhow, I am gonna try to make it an entertaining one, but I can not make any promises since the internet connection at the Loutit Library is, at best, very precarious and unpredictable this morning. It has already kicked me off the internet three times and I have only been here for about ten minutes. It makes me thankful for the Spring Lake Library where I have never encountered as many problems.  And keep in mind, I visit Spring Lake's library at least four times a week with unruly children.  We are yet to be kicked out of anything.  It is an inexplicable miracle!

Our visit here to Loutit Library in Grand Haven marks the second library visited this summer.  We are actually signed up for the summer reading program in Spring Lake so all of our additional reading time can finally pay off. Unfortunately it will pay in small trinkets that I will undoubtedly step on a few times until I get too irritated by them to handle it anymore, or until they are broken. They will inevitably be thrown away before summer's end, but the kids will like it.  And I suppose that is what's important. Since we don't watch TV, we read a lot more and we might as well get something for it even if it is just cheap trinkets! 

Moving on, our passports are already getting pretty full so we may have to appy for new ones before the summer is over!  Hopefully the kids won't be rejected for poor behavior.

In NOTV Land we have been quite steadfast in our mission to eliminate television from our lives with just one exception.  We watched Secretariat on Saturday night. For the first half, we tried to make it a family affair; then once our kids had driven both Jeff and I to the brink of insanity by being so loud and out of control, we decided to stop the movie and put the kids to bed.We saved the dramatic conclusion (yeah right) . It was like watching Titanic- everyone knows the ending; watching the movie just serves to educate the viewer about the details of the journey to get there.  So we saved all the drama for later with just the two of us--it was our romantic date for the month.  Honestly, at this point in our lives there is little romance unless changing diapers, mowing the lawn and washing laundry count, but someday the romance will return-- at least I hope so!

On the marathon training front, today marks the official start of my marathon training.  I finally paid and registered.  I had to refinance our house to do so!  Just kidding, but I never thougth I would pay someone $100 for the right to run 26.2 miles. I realize it is in some strange way ridiculous, but this marathon is also so important to me. Only those who run can appreciate my decision to do this.  My husband certainly does not.

 I announced the official marathon details to friends and family this weekend with a proper invitation.  You can look for me October 16th at the Grand Rapids Marathon.  I will be one of the slow ones toward the back of the pack, but I will finish.  I am too stubborn not to finish.  I ran the last of my 5k's for the summer Saturday at the Spring Lake Heritage Festival where I ran my fastest time so far at 25:02.  It was a great run, but it was too hot.  Other than this there is no news. But in this instance, no news really is good news.  Life is good without any television. I honestly wouldn't have time for TV these days.

Vern Out

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