Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why did I give up TV again?

Have I mentioned before that this NOTV deal is infinitely worse when kids are sick?  I mean it is unbelieveably wretched to not have a television when your kids are sick. Imagine it.  I know it is scary, but try to think of life with a sick child or two and no television for them, or more importantly for you!   I believe that I have mentioned this before and, if not, just to clarify a bit further it is so much WORSE without television when the kids are sick. 

Right now Hazel is teething, Kara has a nasty cold and thankfully AJ is healthy. And while normally as Meatloaf so aptly noted, "two out of three ain't bad". When it is two unhappy kids who don't feel well out of three kids total--then two out of three pretty much stinks--it stinks worse than the rotten egg that was accidently squished in Charlotte's Web; yes it stinks much worse than that at our house today! 

The worst part of all with this situation is that we are supposed to leave to Great Wolf  Lodge in less than forty eight hours for our annual Christmas vacation trip with Jeff's family.  Instead of doing gifts, we do a trip to celebrate our family and spend quality time together.  We have already had to postpone the trip twice due to other stuff so that is not really an option.  Right now I am not sure that such as thing as "quality time" exists with Kara or Hazel, unless sitting uncomfortably in a chair with one of them sleeping restlessly on top of you counts.  But I suppose we shall see how it goes. 

Anyhow we have managed somehow to make it through the day thus far without resorting to the television to entertain.  I am honestly not sure how it got to be three already.  We have read, played cars, taken two baths, eaten lots of snacks and cleaned the basement. The basement cleaning was of sheer necessity because with all the rain of recent, it decided to leak again today just to add insult to injury.  In case you were wondering, cleaning a basement with two sick kids is no fun either. I'd rather be watching TV or doing just about anything else.

Vern Out

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