Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to Normal

Today feels like we are close to being back to normal.  It feels good.  We went to workout first thing this morning which is pretty much a staple in our lives these days.  That felt REALLY good.  I do LOVE the Spring Lake Aquatic Center; it is the best workout place I have ever had the privilege (why do I always have to look up the proper spelling of that word?  It is the same with diarrhea; I always have to look that up too. After all my years working in animal shelters I should be able to spell that in my sleep.) Anyhow I feel privileged to be a member.  So I just want to take one second to say "thanks" one more time to that benevolent stranger who helped us to become members.  I really, really, really appreciate his kindness so much.  I wish I could give him a big hug as a show of gratitude because I am a hugger.  I love to hug people to show my appreciation and compassion.  Every time I go to work out, I think about how it would not be possible if not for his true compassion.  And every time  I think of not going to work out because I don't feel like it, I remember this stranger too and I push myself to go so I get the most out of our membership.  So in a weird way this person, whom I do not even know, is my greatest inspiration to train and run these days.  His kindness motivates me greatly!

We have already spent at least an hour reading this morning.  Now we are playing cars and trains.  And in a little while we are going to make a big pot of white chicken chili.  We are making Aunt Kristi's recipe which is the BEST chili in the entire world--for real. The kids love to cook with me so they are looking forward to it almost as much as I.  Yes I would say all of today's happenings are very much normal which today feels very wonderful and like such a huge blessing.  It is hard to believe that just a few days ago we were stuck in the hospital waiting for AJ to heal. 

We have not been tempted by the evil television today... not yet anyways.  Hopefully this will hold true for the entire day.  Yesterday we had no problem leaving the television off, but the kids did watch a movie with Grandma Neva when she watched them while I worked out yesterday.  But honestly, when I got home the movie was playing and so was everyone else in a different room.  They were not even paying any attention to the show.

I hope to hear from all of my siblings soon just to confirm that they are still with us on our voyage.  Last week when I saw Rebel and Miranda, they were still very much on board (not watching TV), but not so much into the writing part of it.  If they don't write soon, I may be forced to speculate how they are feeling/doing much as I did with Jeff last week.  So consider this your warning guys; if I don't hear from you guys this week I will be inventing a story to share about your NOTV experience.  It might work to your advantage to share your own stuff instead of leaving it to my overactive imagination!

Vern Out

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