Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Building a Home

We are in the preliminary stages of building a house.  For those of you who have undergone this process before, I am sure you are feeling sorry for me right now and for those of you who have not I would not recommend it unless you are an extremely patient person.  We had the initial meeting with the architect a few weeks ago (remember I needed an extra shot of coffee to keep me awake!) and now we are awaiting the fruits of that meeting, blueprints. 

In the meantime, Jeff is completely consumed with the house building stuff.  He checks out new books from the library each week and he actually reads them.  I suspect this is largely due to the fact that we are still TV free.  I find myself making deals to get out of reading the books myself.  I am still trying to be a smidge interested in this house building stuff at all.  Miranda recently informed me that she and Mark picked out their entire house in less than thirty minutes; I was completely jealous. We spent thirty minutes just listening to toilet rep at the Home and Garden show advocate for different toilet options last night. And that stunk.  I actually started laughing out loud half way through his well rehearsed presentation.  Jeff was humiliated. I just found the entire thing far too comical to keep a straight face.

I had never been to a Home and Garden show and honestly I hope I never have to go back.  If we build the house during this year, then I think I will be spared from a repeat of the event. For that reason alone, I find myself praying that somehow we get this thing built this year.  Anyhow, at the show I realized that I am not really expo material.  Allow me to explain.  I don't like large crowds unless it is a large crowd standing around waiting for a race to start, then I love crowds because I mingle with the people and talk about running or exercising in general.  However, I felt no need to mingle and talk about bricks or flooring options.  I am far too ignorant to hold a decent conversation about anything related to a house anyways.  I also don't like to wait because I am not very patient. Even at races I find myself impatient for the gun to sound.  And it turns out I am just not that interested in house building stuff. I am trying to get interested, but seriously how many kitchens and bathrooms do I have to look at before we get this thing started?  At least I got lots of good candy, some chip clips, a bunch of pens and some new reusable shopping bags!  The freebies became my mission for much of the night which at least motivated me to check out each booth thoroughly; you can miss the good stuff if you just hurry along to each booth.

I already fell in love with my bathtub during our last outing and actually, for all my complaints about the Home and Garden Expo, I fell in love there too!  This time I fell in love with a kitchen island that was constructed by Benchmark Wood Studio for a parade of homes house. They selected it as their display item for the Expo and I know why.  Because It was perfect, absolutely beautiful and well built.  The front island section was linen white colored with chocolate glaze over it to give it an antiqueish appearance.  Plus it had a dark colored wooded raised bar built on the back side of it that comfortably sat five, a spacious book shelf and lots of creative cupboards and drawers.  The coutertops were a beautiful pattern of hard surface.  I absolutely love everything about this kitchen island.

So if I was in charge of the house building project we would have an awesome jacuzzi bathtub and this beautiful kitchen island for our house and the rest would work itself out.  The other stuff is inconsequential  anyhow right?  In all seriousness I love these two items and if we somehow worked them into the house plans I would live with whatever Jeff came up with to compliment them. 

Since we spent our anniversary weekend (last weekend) at Devos Children's Hospital instead of skiing up north, my parents insisted on taking our kids for this weekend.  I didn't argue. A weekend without kids and with absolutely nothing planned was such a great gift.  Thanks mom and dad!  So Friday night's entertainment was the Home and Garden Show and dinner at Kitchen 25 (Yum by the way highly recommend it!) and tonight I am hitting the Mega 80's scene at the Intersection!  I can't wait for that.  Entertainment without TV is really good this weekend.  Jeff is going to watch the MSU basketball game later today since we have not watched any this season and it is a spartan sports event it meets the criteria for sports exemption for him.  I will likely soak in our crappy old bath tub in preparation for tonight's festivities!
Vern Out   

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