Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great wolf lodge

Instead of watching television this weekend, we have been busy watching people.  People watching can be very interesting and entertaining.  This is especially true when, like us, you're at The Great Wolf Lodge.  I suppose this is probably true at any similar venues like amusement parks, circuses and freak shows.  Perhaps the most interesting and shocking things I have been witness to this weekend are the rare, bizarre and down right weird things that people will permanently ink all over their bodies; yes, the tattoos have been the most intriguing part of my people watching so far.  Over the course of the past twenty four hours, I have seen every animal conceivable to mankind painted on every part of the body, even the parts that should remain hidden.  I have seen every quotable saying imagineable again prominently displayed in ink in the strangest locations on people's bodies.  And every branch of the military has been well represented on various peices of skin artwork as well.  Yes, the tattoo work on display at the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend has been spectacular.  It is impressive especially to the untattooed individual such as myself.  It is both impressive and disgusting all at once. Unfortunately, even parts of the body that should not be visible to the public are proudly on display here outfitted with tattoos. It is seriously mind boggling to see all the tattoos here.

The Great Wolf Lodge is a great little place for a close to home vacation.  The water park is spectacular.  The slides are diverse;  there really is one for everyone-- even Hazel has been sliding!  The ropes to climb are so much fun and they teach the kids basic climbing skills, coordination and problem solving.  AJ loves them and so do I!  The hot tub is, of course, a huge hit with my kids since we already spend so much time in the tub at home and the Cub Club craft and play room is great for little kids.  AJ could play there all day with their trucks and blocks made from real trees.  The The story time at the end of the night is quaint and fun filled for the kids.  It is so popular that you better go early or you won't get a good view.

Anyhow, I can't say the television has not been on at all this weekend since there are March Madness games going on we have watched some.  At this point in the March Madness, madness I have decided to cheer for Butler so go bulldogs!  The kids have also gotten a sponge Bob fix as well.  However, I can say that we have spent most of our time otherwise engaged with the other various activities.

Vern Out

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