Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 2nd, 2004

I know that 2004 was seven years ago. I didn't make an error typing. And I am not undergoing some kind of mid-life crisis experience that caused me to flash back to a time before I turned thirty.  I am totally cool with my age.  I am actually much happier now than I was seven years ago or ten years ago for that matter.  And for once my typing was flawless.  I just wanted to recognize the special date in my life.  Yesterday was our seven year anniversary; Yes, Jeff and I have been married seven years. 

During this time we have been through a lot.  I realize that in the big scheme of marriages seven years is a relatively short marriage, but we have been through a lot for such a young marriage.  We already added three beautiful children to our family.  Sadly we also experienced a miscarriage in between our first and second child as well.  Anyone who has ever had a miscarriage knows the intense loss that goes with it.  That was a tough time too, but fortunately we got pregnant with Aven a month later.  We endured my brain surgery and we are working on my recovery from this too (at least I am and Jeff is being understanding about it so I guess that counts as working on it).  It really is a process to recover from something as traumatic as brain surgery so I am in the process of dealing with it.  During our marriage, we've had more disagreements than agreements it seems and we don't always see eye to eye on the important stuff.  It has been a rough road in a lot of ways, but the road has also been full of so many blessings; Kara, Aven and Hazel are the greatest of these!

There is a so called "seven year itch" and perhaps I have been going through this rite of passage recently.  Jeff has been more annoying to me over the past few months than ever before.  I sometimes wonder how I ended up with him at all?!  At times, he can be so self centered and brash with me that I truly wonder what ever attracted me to him some eight plus years ago.  Yes it sometimes gets that bad. Call it a seven year itch, or call it whatever you like to call it, but he has been on my nerves lately. 

Maybe he feels the same way about me.  He probably does; with my messed up uterus of recent, and all of my prior hormonal imbalances caused by child bearing and breast feeding I am certain that living with me has not been easy. I will say this in my defense, I do the special little things for him (notes in his lunch pail, love messges at work, I write little poems for him and special "favors" etc) and I do these things even when I am an emotional train wreck; Jeff does not, at least not nearly as often.

But then when I am at my wits end, Jeff will do something like he did last night and I feel the love again.  Last night, Jeff was just hanging out playing with the girls after we finished dinner and our Wacky Wild Wednesday Workout of course.  And I was reading books to the AJ (yes since the TV went black he would rather read than play at night) and all of a sudden in a quiet voice Jeff announced that he had something special to read!  I'll admit it. I was hoping for something nice for our anniversary.  He fumbled around in his coat pocket and pulled out a very used and very abused piece of scrap paper.  Nothing about the paper was pretty.  I could tell he was a little nervous which made it all the sweeter and then he started reading.  His first statement was an introduction explaining that these are all the reasons I love Mommy.  The very first thing on the list was that he loves Mommy because she puts up with me!  The rest of the list was just as sweet.  He had tears in his eyes; just little ones, but for Jeff who rarely shows emotion, it was a big deal.  His sincerity was unwavering. 

Anyhow, after seven years I can still say I love that man and all his imperfections and annoyances as well.  Hopefully, he feels the same about me after hearing his list last night I believe he does!  I just wish he would say so more often.  He even followed up with a candle light back rub after the kids went to bed!  Needless to say, the television was not necessary to entertain last night we had each other!

Happy Anniversary to us!

Vern Out

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