Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My first day of lent

I spent my lent time yesterday trying to organize bins of kids clothes that seem to reproduce asexually in my basement;  they seem to keep growing in number exponentially and I have no idea how.  Being that I have a biology background in education, I have surmised that they must reproduce asexually; that is the only logical answer to this mystery.  One thing occured to me as I sorted through the clothes, I am still not good at keeping things systematic so I didn't make as much progress as I would have had Brandi, my pathologically organized friend, been there.  Even her garbage is neat and orderly!  I did okay for me though and I only have two more bins to finish some time today.  Since it is Thursday, the day when Grandma and Grandpa help with the kids, I should be able to finish this project. So day one I ran five miles, didn't watch even a second of television and I accomplished my first organizing project (almost).

I am a worrier.  Yes I worry far too much.  I wish I could be like Jeff in this area too.  Jeff is not only a sleeping expert, but he is able to not worry about stuff like no one I've ever known (unless it is involves the new house, then he is a perpetual worrier), but generally speaking he just assumes everything will be fine.  He never worries that the kids will fall down the stairs, or that dinner won't turn out.

After I posted my declaration about my lent organization mission, I realized that I might be offending someone by partaking in lent even though I have no religion foundation to ground my lent experience.   For me, my first lent is not so much a true religious experience, it is more of kick in the butt to hopefully get myself organized for once in my life.  As an added bonus, I do read one passage out of the bible each morning and I do pray regularly that I will have the stamina and devotion to follow through on my organization lent experience.  I figure if this works I may convert to some religion that does partake in lent regularly because if I can actually get organized, it will be nothing short of a spectacular, life-altering miracle. 

Anyhow, I worried a lot about this last night. Even as I watched Hello Dolly and was completely mesmerized by the show quality (check it out at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre), I occassionally caught myself worrying about this.  I didn't worrry a lot at the show, but a couple of times I caught myself thinking about it.  I still enjoyed the show immensely. The costumes are reason enough to buy tickets if you ask me!  It was much better than any television show that exists today, even Wheel of Fortune.   The worry was all because I was concerned that I might upset the very religious people who devoutly practice lent each year, and if I did offend you, I am truly sincerly sorry.  I  meant no disrespect and to be honest another one of my flaws is that I don't always think things through before I dive into making them happen which is probably the case with this one, but the end result may be a new system of organization at our house which has been needed forever.  Anyhow I don't know all of the rules of lent, so if one of them is that you should not participate if you do not belong to a religious sect that actually encourages it, then I am sorry for breaking this rule. 

For now I am television free, taking a recovery day in the marathon training world, and I am hoping to finish sorting the clothes in our basement to keep on track with my lent goals.

Vern Out

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