Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Siblings

They were warned and now here it is.  The anticipated update on my siblings is about to begin.  Most of this is sheer speculation, but I don't think I am too far off the mark.  Hopefully this will prompt some of them to get on here and provide their own, more accurate, NOTV updates. In order to keep this as systematic as possible since I am helplessly disorganized, I am going to do this in age order oldest to youngest.

The VanKotens are probably far too busy working and making homemade bread and pasta to bother with such a lowly task as writing for the blog.  Plus lets face it Dominica is not the best writer, she is much better with numbers than she is with words so she probably dreads writing instead of looking forward to it like I do.  So the VanKotens are probably feasting on their most recent batch of pasta and bread, drinking a glass of wine while watching American Idol or Survivor instead of writing to let us know how they are doing.  I do know for a fact that Dominica has been watching idol she confessed to me in a recent email.

The Smiths are probably too busy molding the future generations of this great country to take time to write for the blog.  When Rebel does make the time, I think everyone can agree that he is an entertaining writer.  Any free time that they have is spent preparing for the Wii olympics; they are hoping to qualify for the 2012 games.  They are also busy seaking corporate sponsors for their team!

The Daniels are probably still recovering from this past weekend.  Mark had a few too many beers to be up for anything as ambitious as writing which means that Miranda had to take care of the kids solo.  Therefore, I fully expect an update from them later today to set me straight on this fabrication that I am about to spew out.  Mird has been cheating on the NOTV deal; I don't know to what level, but I do know that she has been watching Wheel of Fortune which is a little upsetting to me since I still find myself occasionally experiencing terrible withdrawls at seven in the evening myself.  In my mind, I envision them watching television all the time.  I see them living out my television marathon dream, but I doubt that is really how it is.  I just hope that if my Wheel Watcher number is drawn Mird still gives me a call so I can claim my fabulous vacation!

We are still TV free here at our place.  Jeff did tune into the MSU game, but let's face it, I really didn't miss too much by not seeing that one.  I did watch the last few minutes to see them blow their chance at a spectacular comback which was heartbreaking enough to have watched the entire game would have been sheer torture.

Vern Out

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