Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm going streaking!

I may have to reconsider this whole streaking thing at least in the naked sense of the word.  Maybe running around naked would be fun?  I ran tonight in an oversized carhart with a headlamp strapped to my head, no IPOD and our faithful dog, Stan, by my side and that was so much fun. So maybe running stark naked would be fun too.  Not during a snowstorm of course, but maybe on a hot summer's evening it would be invigorating. I don't know though; the way I see it, there are two things I can't get passed with the whole running around naked thing; first I just don't look that great naked and secondly my new next door neighbors are my in-laws so I would have to do so elsewhere and that just seems to add a lot of logistical difficulty to the whole thing.  It makes it rather complicated.  Anyhow, just some food for thought about the other kind of streaking, now about the real streaking I have been doing lately.  Now for the good stuff!

If it weren't for the nonstop football on television today, I would have no idea what day of the week it is. Life has been so completely frazzling-so incredibly busy- the past few days that not only do I not know which way is up, I also have no idea where the toilet paper is, but I do have a kiddie potty residing in my living room. Without toilet paper, I have no idea what I would do if a Kiddie decided to use it, but it is there nonetheless. The point to all of this is when life gets so busy it is easy to lose sight of other priorities because you become consumed by the here and now, by the current crisis.  I nearly succumbed to this a couple times this weekend in regards to my running streak commitment, but I didn't and the streak is ALIVE! 

Friday I planned to run first thing in the morning, but sometimes plans don't go as planned and before I knew it the day had flown by and it was nearly dark out, I hadn't run and we were expected at a party in less than two hours.  I decided after much consideration to just go and run 2 miles, the minimum according to my little running streak rules.  So if you happened to be driving down M-104 or 130th around dusk Friday night you may have been witness to what you perceived to be a crazy lady out running in the wind, rain and mud during crazy rush hour traffic that was me.  If not, I am glad you didn't see me in that moment of craziness.  It was pretty ugly.

Saturday I had a plan to run with a bunch of my running buddies and this time the plan did go as planned!  It was splendid!  Before Jeff showed up with the moving van at nine, I had already logged 5 miles in Grand Haven and drank a cup of celebratory coffee with friends.  Sunday, oh wait that's today, was a different story.  Yes today was another story, another plan gone awry.  I was supposed to run the Sargeant Preston 6 mile run in Muskegon this morning, I even registered and paid for it a couple months ago. But when the big move finally happened this weekend instead of in November like we had "planned", it didn't work out for me to leave home to run.  I was completely disappointed to miss it, but still completely thrilled to finally be in our new home.  All day long I kept thinking, if I miss running today I have to start over at zero.  This line of thought ate at me all day long. Seriously I could think of little else.  When Jeff insisted I go bring a load of stuff from the old house here, I saw an opportunity to squeeze in a run.  Finally at 6:30 tonight in the pitch black darkness that fills the forest separating our old home from the new one, I ran what I figure to be roughly 2 miles of the Brainy Day trail during this blessed storm that is blowing around out there.   And the streak is alive.

Tomorrow I plan to return to the Aquatic Center for a run in the morning.  I realize it is really snowy, but I don't mind the snow for running.  I just hope the weather doesn't get in the way of my plan, but if it does I am sure I can think of some way to fit in a short run. 

Happy New Year and if you are still wondering about the television.  We are sticking with business as usual (that is NOTV 2011 rules) for the short term until we can reach an agreement about how to properly use our television which means that today the telly was on a lot because there were a bunch of football games on.

Vern Out  

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