Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unusual inspiration

Sometimes inspiration for writing comes in the most strange and unexpected ways.  And at the most strange and unexpected locations.  This morning I was trying to find something to write about and I tried several different starts without success.  There are a bunch of drafts stored on our blog from my futile writing this morning.  Anyhow, I tried writing about how I am turning from an early bird to a night owl.  It didn't work.  Then I tried writing about running which usually goes well for me, but surprisingly it flopped too.  I tried writing about winter, sports, friends, religion, traffic and they all failed.  So I turned the computer off and cleaned up the house in preparation for our new refrigerator and a visit from the plumbers to determine why we don't get hot water in the kitchen sink or the downstairs shower.  Then we headed to McDonalds to our rendevous to pick up Aven and as the kids started playing I was inspired. 

I don't care how many germs are harbored on these playland surfaces or how disgusting some claim playlands to be; McDonald playlands are still priceless to me!  I know these playlands get all kinds of bad press, but I am here to tell you they are great. If I am not mistaken, some crazy lady actually staged some kind of sit in trying to get one removed for its uncleanliness or something.  Well I am hoping that these little playlands are around for a very long time, at least until my kids have outgrow them, because they do have the best time playing here and I think that despite their bad reputation they are a great invention.  A wonderfully fun place for kids to be active, learn to play together with others and practice being creative.  And my kids have never gotten sick after spending an afternoon here.

Plus we got lunch for all of us for under ten dollars.  Now granted it is not the healthiest meal, but every once in awhile I don't think it is a bad thing.  Plus we smuggled in bananas to eat for dessert.

Anyhow, I am absolutely loving this time here.  I can relax while they play. Or I can play if I feel like it and they get so excited when I do that.  This is way better than watching any television show although last night I did spend about an hour watching a variety of different clips of shows (Jeff loves to channel surf).  We caught glimpses of Antiques Road Show, Two and  a Half Men and Mike and Molly.  I was just exhausted from running and dancing so as I half heartedly worked to unpack more boxes (which for the record seem to reproduce asexually because once I think I have finally finished more magically appear in our garage) and I saw Jeff relaxing on the couch, I decided to join the recliner in its mission to hold down the carpeting. I will admit this time with the recliner was just what I needed even though it did include television watching.

Vern Out  

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