Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Monday, January 30, 2012

I got a facelift!

Friday night I was worried that we might get bored over the weekend because we had our first weekend in a very long time with no plans at all.  Nothing pLANneD and I was still planning to entertain without the use of the television.  Jeff was going to be gone all weekend working on the old house.  In short, there was a whole lot of weekend and I was not feeling particularly creative or energetic and I was worried.

Well we ended up having a super fun sleepover with our cousins.  Who would have guessed that adding three kids to the mix would actually make my life easier? I managed to fit in a run each day although it did involve running in place and then around our house repeatedly one day in order to do so. The kids really thought I had lost it, but before they knew what hit them, I had recruited them, and trained them and we were all running around the house singing silly songs and dancing along the way!  They all ran 1.25 miles that day too!

I have one confession to make.  In order to make it, I did have to lower my standards.  My new minimum is 1.25 miles so that helped me to keep up the streak and that is the distance I ran each day this weekend.  I still think it is pretty good; I am up to 57 days. And considering I also danced like an out of control rock star on Friday at the cardio dance class and did like a million leg lifts thanks to our super ambitious instructor, I was actually fairly sore all weekend and needed a bit of a break.

Anyhow, I also created an impressive ice cream parlor and the kids loved it!  We had eight flavors and seven toppings and I think they liked it better than TCBY.  My kids had no idea what an ice cream parlor was until I showed them and then they were so impressed that they kept asking for an icecream parlor all weekend.  This morning they wanted ice cream parlor for breakfast!  Don't worry we had oatmeal parlor instead!  It wasn't as successful, but they did each each two servings!

So in short, I did not get a traditional facelift this weekend, but I did make myself feel younger and more energetic.  If you are feeling old and run down, then you may want to fire up a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek with a bunch of kids a fraction of your age in order to revitalize you. This weekend was better than a facelift at making me feel better, younger.  Well to be completely honest, I have never had a facelift so I can't really compare the two fairly, but still I felt really young and vibrant all weekend and it has carried over into Monday.  Forget the face creams and botox; a good hide and seek will do the trick.  I felt like I was 15 for a few hours this weekend as we all ran around our house in the dark playing hide and seek.  Actually I am still feeling fresh and young today so the affects may be long lasting!  Besides that the recovery time is nothing from hide and seek and like you have banages all over your face from the real stuff.  Plastic surgeons, Revlon and Covergirl better all watch out!

Vern Out

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