Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Read, write, run and relax

I do realize it's 2012.  But I am going to keep writing on my 2011 blog because I have no idea how to make a new one and I don't have the time to research it and figure it all out.  Maybe someday I will, but right now I am just too busy.  If I do start a new one it will be after the house is all settled and I already have a name for it;  Read, write, run and relax!  That is basically all that I do these days and lately I have not done nearly enough relaxing, but with my sweet bath tub I hope to relax soon.

 Anyhow, one serious omission that I had back when I decided what 2012 would be all about was my writing.  In 2012 I am going to make it my mission in life to continue writing and to seriously work on getting my book published.  Please keep me and my writing in your prayers.

Jeff and I are still busy negotiating the terms of television use in our house now that the year of NOTV is technically over, but to be honest, we may need to involve an arbitrator because it's not going so well.  This weekend with football playoffs on it was easy to follow the old rules so that is what we did, but I do realize this is not a long term sustainable solution.

Anyhow, I am now reading my second book of the year, "Black Heels To Tractor Wheels" by Ree Drummond.  It is a fun, easy and very romantic read. I am really enjoying it.  All of you ladies out there should check this one out!  I also still read to the kids a lot, but tonight they didn't get any books before bed because we were too busy on the fashion runway!

Tonight Kara and I held a fashion show.  It was her idea, but I did go along with it.  I was her model and she was in charge.  That girl loves to be in charge! If she is not a CEO or President of something someday I will be surprised.  She is so the first born stereotype.  I was a good sport. As a middle child, myself, I have always been good at being a good sport. 

I actually wore each dress in my closet, all eleven of them and paraded around our new house like a Victoria's Secret model.  Okay maybe not, but I did act like a pro. The line-up even included my wedding dress.  Each time I put on a new dress Kara had to do an announcement for the crowd (consisting of AJ, Hazel and Dad) about the wardrobe and the model (mom).  Then I had to dance around the room showing off the dress.  I am not really a girly girl, but I tried hard. And sometimes effort is everything!  The good news with all of that was that my dresses are all slightly loose on me!!!  All of the running I have been doing must be paying off after all!  Praise God!  My work is not futile.  Stan and I hit the trail again tonight for day 36 of my running streak. We enjoyed the incredible full wolf moon that is out there and spent about forty minutes wandering on the trails out back!!

I am heading off to get in some relaxing before bed!

Vern Out

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