Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

God is good

This is like three week old news.  Not that I watch a lot of television, but I have seen those clever commercials where everyone's cell phones are competing to have the best, most instantaneous updates at the office.  Well I lose out on that competition big time with the breaking of this news.  My cell phone is not fast either because it doesn't even have internet capabilties. Anyhow, this is like so three weeks ago and here's the story...

I threw the portable DVD player into the massive dumpster that has been parked outside our new house for the past six months.  I did this in dramatic fashion too after Aven had destroyed its power cord.  I wrote about my concern for his temper over the DVD player awhile back.  And it just kept getting worse so I had packed the DVD player away under the seat.  We were no longer going to use it unless we were driving over two hours.  In case you didn't read the prior post, he would become what I would describe as being violent or at the very least agitated if we arrived places and he could not finish watching a show he had started and it was becoming a major problem since a majority of the places we frequent are within a five mile radius.

Anyhow, he snuck and pulled the DVD player out and in the process tore the cord apart.  I am not sure if it was done maliciously or not because I was not there at the time.  But it doesn't really matter.  I have been teaching my children that when things become broken, we throw them away.  I am hoping this will lead to them taking better care of their stuff.  Anyhow, when I saw the damage he had done, I decided that we were really done with DVD players at least for a few years and I threw the whole thing into the dumpster.  Problem solved. No more car movies and best of all Mommy's happy.

I haven't watched Rocky yet, but one of my book club friends is going to loan it to me so I will be watching it sometime in February.  I suspect this will likely be my anniversary entertainment since Jeff is not exactly the Casanova type.  On a somewhat related note, I did run Rocky style today with Stan and I while I still can't handle dragging downed trees with me, I am getting faster out on the trail.

Now a little God is good note.  I had a very busy day.  I had to paint and work all day at our old house (we're getting it ready to be rented out) and I had to volunteer at Kara's classroom as well.  I bought a coffee and super yummy EcoTrek Fitness bar on my way to her school because I had not eaten lunch yet and I needed some nutrition.  And after the bar was finished I found myself saying "God, I wish I had some kind of chocolate to go with the rest of this coffee" and low and behold I found a mini payday in my purse a few minutes later; the best part of the story is that the payday came from the Evergreen Ministries Women's Retreat I attended a couple weeks ago. I had completely forgotten about the candy they gave us.  God really does work in some pretty amazing ways.  Today it's candy bars, tomorrow it could be something even bigger!

Vern Out

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