Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brains and backs and beyond!

I just got back from a 45 minute run.  For once I have absolutely no idea how far I ran and no plan to return later to drive my route and determine the exact distance either.  I just needed to run.  It is so soothing to me at times like this that I can not even begin to describe it, but it was just what I needed.  I feel at peace now while I await the news from the Nuerosurgeon about Jeff's surgery.  He has the same Doctor who fixed my faulty brain so I feel Dr. Marquart's tagline should be "Brains, backs and beyond".

This morning, I also was witness to Jeff getting super cool compression socks added to his attire (think really cheap white fish net style nylons and you have an idea of what he is wearing right now).  I wanted to post a picture sheerly for entertainment purposes, but he refused.  I also met his Anesthetic Doctor dude who happens to ask Jeff if, "So are you ready for this VP shunt?"  We of course thought he was joking and somehow remembered me and my VP shunt from some nearly five years ago.  Anyhow, they sorted that and Jeff's pre-surgery blood work out just in the nick of time and he went into surgery at 10 which is precisely when I laced up and headed out the door for 45 minutes of glorious running!  

One noticeable thing from my run was the number of dilapitated houses in the Hackley Hospital neighborhood that have multiple high-tech dish units in their run-down yards.  It was very sad to me for some reason to see all of the houses outfitted with fancy television options as if the television could somehow fill a void in their lives that was left by having very little material things. I know kind of a deep thought for my run this morning.  Anyhow, right then amidst these thoughts of mine, Madonna's classic "Material Girl" came on my Ipod and made me laugh. At that particular moment I thought to myself, "See God does have a sense of humor!"

Now I am waiting and praying. 

Vern Out

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