Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Man I do love a good run!

Man I do love a good run.  There is just something about hitting the road with nothing more than an IPOD and a dream with a bunch of good friends that makes a run so special!  Yesterday I enjoyed my longest run so far (17.14 miles to be exact) and it was spectacular!  I enjoyed every detail of the experience, the burn in my muscles, the songs on my play list, the conversation with the Brians, Bruce and Mark and the feeling that I was pushing my body just a little further than ever before!  The only thing that was slightly irritating was the rash that developed underneath my breasts somewhere around mile 13.  I have heard about chaffing stories, but have never been victim to the pain personally.  That was tough, but now I know that I can run through it so if chaffing is an issue come October 16th I am prepared. 

The rest of the day I mowed the lawn, washed dishes and laundry (including hanging the clothes on the line), cleaned most of our house, attended our first MOPS meeting of the year where I worked as the chef and took one hell of a bath! A well earned, luxurious hot and steamy bubble bath that I lounged in for nearly an hour.  Then I read for another couple hours and went to sleep. I slept the best that I have slept in years last night!  I guess I earned a good night's sleep too!

The television never crossed my mind the past 48 hours.
Vern Out

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