Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The aftermath

We survived the Daniel's sleepover last weekend and arrived home safely Sunday evening after a detour to the family farm to visit the Grandparents and Rebel and Leslie.  I will say this, I wish just once Jeff would go away with all three kids for a weekend and leave me home alone.  That would be way cool.  It would be beyond way cool, it would be totally AWESOME!  Not only would I get some free time, but Jeff would learn a greater appreciation for just how much work it takes to haul our three kids around, keep them fed, entertained and bathed for an entire weekend.  Oh and how much work it is to clean up all their messes.  Anyhow, it is highly unlikely that this wish will be granted, but if there is a Fairy God Mother out there, this is my wish.

Well after the super fun (and super hard work) sleepover weekend we spent Monday recuperating.  I did go for a run Monday morning, but other than that we pretty much vegetated and read a lot of books and the kids found it their new mission in life to drive me crazy by whining and being generally annoying.  I am pretty sure this new mission in life was a result of the kids being completed exhausted from all the fun we had over the weekend with their cousins, but still it was driving me nuts.  Tuesday was a repeat on Monday's recuperation gig because we were still out of sorts and by out of sorts, I mean unable to dress ourselves or speak in complete sentences and the kids were unable to get along whatsoever.  It was basically one big ugly nonstop fight among my kids for a good forty eight hours.    By Wednesday, we actually rejoined the living and even visited Grandma at her office without a total meltdown although it was close with Hazel she nearly melted and I had to run from the office with her to avoid a public crying fit.  Today is Grandma day! However, Grandma is in Las Vegas so Grandpa is subbing in solo style and I am home with Hazel while she naps.  I can't wait until next Thursday when I get another real Grandma Day!

The television is still off, the kids seem to be getting close to being back to normal and this weekend we have no plans.  I do hope to sneak out with my running buddies for a short, quick run since I have not seen most of them since the marathon!  Other than that we are just living the NOTV dream, you know other than the kids fighting all the time and driving me crazy part of it and the fact that I have a few run on sentences in this post!

Vern Out

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