Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breaking news

            I busted Jeff watching the news this morning, Fox 17 Morning News to be exact.  I have to admit if I were going to tune into a news broadcast this one would be my choice.  The reporters are witty and the show full of surprises and of course most importantly it is local.  Back in our television watching days, we were regulars to the show.  But we had given it up for the year.  Anyhow, when I walked in on it, Jeff was startled and said “I watch this most mornings while I get ready for work”.  I don’t get up with him all that often so I was none the wiser until now. 

            So now what do I do?  I could get mad and yell and scream. I could pretend like I never caught him in the act so to speak and just continue to sleep until he has left for work.  Or I can accept that in addition to watching sporting events, he watches the news in the mornings and let it go.  I’m just not sure; I am torn on this one.  I want the integrity of NOTV2011 to be intact and unquestioned. Watching the news in the morning is definitely not living without television so if I am being completely black and white I have to rehearse my screaming tirade and get ready to lay into him when he returns home from work.  If I am being more of a gray interpreter the news is full of useful information such as the weather, local events and traffic reports and it is already November so it is kind of silly to make him change this now.  Anyhow all of our followers out there how do you view this most recent conundrum?  Leave us your comments.  Other than this little hiccup NOTV is going smashingly well we didn’t even watch football on Sunday because the Lions had a bye week.  

Vern Out

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