Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shouting Saturday

Have you ever gone to Meijer on a Saturday?  Or how about the Saturday before Thanksgiving, have you ever been stupid enough to go then?  I did today and I will say that it definitely made my top five list for worst experiences of my life. It may have been the worst choice that I have made this year. The others on my worst experience list and in no particular order were my brain surgery, past bad relationships, our basement flooding 3 times (and ruining our stuff and the clean-up it required) and when I fell out of the raft (3 times) while white water rafting down the Gauley during the dam release (I thought I was a goner for real) and then there is that trip to Meijer today.  Horrible.

Shopping this morning at Meijer was awful.  My kids actually behaved fairly well considering they are still not adjusted to the time change and continue to get up at 6 every morning so by ten oclock when we arrived at Meijer, they were already tired and ready for lunch.  The place was packed with cranky people and I swear attitudes truly are contagious because I went in to the store in a fairly good mood because I had just sold the microwave that was an extra from our new house appliance package purchase and I had run 3 miles to start my day. Despite these facts, I came out in a pissy mood.  I left Meijer feeling as though I had run with the bulls in Madrid and been run over by a couple of them only I hadn't just run with the bulls (which would actually be a pretty awesome experience) and I felt like I had PMS only I don't.

I also was very snarky with my kids because I had listened to enough parents yell at their kids at Meijer that I just felt mine needed a little yelling or they would feel left out. Logically I knew this wasn't true, but in the heat of the moment I found myself powerless to avoid a little yell at them.  Just a little one.  My yelling didn't get too out of hand, but I am also not earning the mother of the day award.  The morning had been quite productive and a run always puts me in a good mood.  The people at Meijer did not.  The employees were unhelpful, but the bigger problem was the fellow customers.  There must be some kind of rule that you can not shop at Meijer on this particular day of the year unless you agree to be a complete ass to any co-shoppers you encounter.  I was nearly run over several times (and I am pretty quick), a couple of rude comments were made to me and I overheard several nasty arguments as well.  Oh and the lines to check-out were ridiculous. Ridiculous.  I waited over 15 minutes to scan my own cart of goods with the "help" of my kids.

Anyhow, the reason for the vast details about the level of awful involved in this trip is because on the way home I let my kids watch a Barney video in the back seat.  I hadn't allowed such activities in a very, very, long time. And normally such a request would have been swiftly denied, but given the current situation, I made an exception.  In my defense, they really were some of the better behaved kids in the store even if they did drop the cinnamon rolls while arguing over them thereby causing the rolls to explode right there in the aisle.  After that little episode, we left the store as quickly as possible with the damaged goods and the rest of our groceries.  We picked up a hand-me-down bike that a friend was passing along to me and then headed home while the kids enjoyed twenty minutes of Barney and I enjoyed some country music.

Now we are listening to MSU kick some butt on WBBL and eating cinnamon rolls!  Life is good today, but Meijer is not if you plan to go there later, I would advise against it!  GO Green and for a change GO BLUE pull off the upset!

Vern Out

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