Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sibling updates

The long awaited (even longer than I planned on since my laptop died yesterday) update on Miranda and Rebel's most recent NOTV experiences.  Warning to all our followers, this one gets a little PG-13 so if you have little ones in your presence you may want to read this later or edit it as you go!

Miranda and Mark are working such long hours at the greenhouse that they really don't have time for television.  However, they also don't get to see each other much, let alone get naked together. As a result of their long hours at work and their non existent sex life, Miranda has developed a nasty porn watching habit; toe licking porn to be exact. She fits it in whenever she can-- sometimes in the back room at the greenhouse.  Meanwhile, Mark pretends to be the strong one in their NOTV deal while he secretly watches the Big Ten Network and tunes in to all of the University of Michigan ladies soccer team games.  He hasn't missed one yet! 

Rebel is all torn up about the final airing of Oprah so much so that he has DVRd all the shows this year and he watches them while eating Haagen Daas out of the carton and crying into his box of kleenex.  It really is a sad sight.  Leslie has been watching Project Runway (plus size) and could give that guy from Man Versus Food a run for his money these days with her increased appetite!

The Constantines are all business as usual in the world of no TV which this week did include two television indulgences:  the Antiques Road Show Washington D.C. (to watch for Aunt Dominica and Grandma) and for the kids and daddy America's Funniest Videos since they were all fairly well behaved last week. 

Vern Out

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