Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where are you?

Okay so the problem is this: the year of NOTV Blog that was supposed to be a compilation of all the Smith kid's views on our little social experiment whereby we eliminated television from our lives has morphed into Vern's Blog of random thoughts some of which are related to television watching (or lack thereof) and some of which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with television. 

While I enjoy writing and sharing my opinions with our blog audience, I really think that the other opinions offered by my siblings added an interesting level of depth and additional viewpoints to our story. This depth is now lacking since I became sole writer in our enterprise.  All I can say is all the royalties are going to be mine for any book or movie deal that comes out of this gig!

I guess it is not so much of a problem as an annoyance to me.  My siblings were all so gung ho about NOTV2011 when I shared my dream with them last fall and now I can't get them to write a two sentence update once a week.  How lame is that?  Dominica is the exception. She never was really excited about it so I can understand her lack of commitment;  We really did bully her into joining us on the adventure so I cut her a little slack. 

The last time any of my siblings got on here was about a month ago and that was just because I went and spoke as a guest speaker at Mr. Smith's Animal Science class and in lieu of payment or a gift, I requested a post on the blog.  And to his credit a post was promptly added.  I guess I may have to make more guest appearances if I want more updates from him!

I know Mird and Mark are super busy at work so I understand not hearing from them too often, but once a week really just a few sentences would be nice and given the amount of time that Mark is on-line he should be able to squeak out just a little something.

I am not looking for anything fancy here bro and sistas.  We just want to know where you are in the realm of NOTV2011, or your random thoughts on just about anything will suffice--Just a little bone for Vern!
C'mon, know you want to...everyone is doing's the cool thing to do

Vern Out

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