Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Thursday, April 14, 2011

NO TV not ever?

The television remains off; at least at our house it is off!  At my sibling's homes I am unsure as to their television watching because they still are not writing on the blog.  I really thought I had packed them enough of a guilt filled suitcase when we got together last weekend that at least one of them would get on here this week and provide a brief update. It is only Thursday so maybe we will hear from one of them yet this week.  I am an eternal optimist.  I won't hold my breath waiting though because I would likely pass out or die.

We have been busy playing outside in the wonderfully, warm and glorious spring weather.  The kids have a recently acquired, hand-me-down, battery operated, Jeep that has become their favorite toy.  They LOVE it;  the Jeep allows them a new sense if freedom.  They can drive!  Hopefully they didn't get my driving genes although Kara did run into the picnic table the other day so I fear she may have inherited my poor driving skills.

Today is the first pretty yucky day of the week, but thankfully it is Grandma (and Grandpa) Day so the kids are hanging out with them today.  When people ask me if I feel guilty about not letting the kids have a break from NOTV at home (I am pretty mean about requests for television inside our home) I quickly answer "No" without any hesitation at all.   Grandma Days are why I have absolutely no guilt or ill feelings about insisting that the television not be used at our home.  On Thursdays my kids get a break. They are allowed to watch television at Grandma's house.  I hope that it is not used excessively, but on rainy cold days like today it probably is and I have to accept that or give up my "weekend" (which would not be good for any of us) so I live with it.  Therefore, at home, the rule is strictly enforced and my kids do not get a "break" from no TV.

Anyhow, we are sticking with our routine now that we are all healthy again (thank goodness we avoided the strep throat).  Most days this means we workout first thing in the morning, play at the library and/or park for awhile and then home for lunch and outside play time.  Around two we squeeze in a nap time and then when we get up it is time to prepare for supper and take another drive around the yard in our super cool Jeep. It is a blissful existence and I am so glad to have the nicer weather.  I think NOTV2011 is going to be much easier now that spring is here!

Vern Out

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