Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The TV is on

I curse March Madness because it means the TV is on again. But I am watching the games nonetheless.  I know. I am a bit hypocritical tonight.  Our house is just too small to avoid the TV when it is on unless I was going to hang out in the basement which is still very cold despite the relatively warmer ambient air temperatures of recent.  Yes, the television is on again for the night, or at least until the games are over and I won't lie, I am sitting here in front of it.  I feel slightly guilty although not too guilty considering the day I have had and the week leading up to it.

First thing this morning, I ran a 10K race.  This was a last minute race decision, since my road trip to Miranda's house was cancelled due to my sick kids; I didn't wish to share the misery with my sister and her kids.  I was bummed to miss seeing them, but I seriously would not wish this cold on my worst enemy let alone my beloved sister and nephews (oh and Mark of course) so I just could go there.  However, going away to a run for the morning seemed like a good idea (it was an alternative that would work to preserve any shred of my sanity that may remain after this week being stuck at home with sick kids) so the plans were finalized late last night and it was so great!  I know many people would never qualify running just over 6 miles as a great thing, but I do.  My reasoning in the decision to do so was this.  I figured I would get a break from the fussy sick kids and some much needed exercise at the same time.  The best part ended up being that I won my first trophy, ever so the race was totally a great way to start the weekend if I couldn't be with Miranda. 

I returned here to this cranky kid infested and germ saturated place I call home to care for my sick kids for the afternoon.  We have already taken two baths since I got home.  This is due to the fact that the bath tub is the one place that everyone seems to be happy in right now.  It is not a pretty thing, but it allows for some breaks in the seemingly endless crying and whining that comes along with this cold.

As for the March Madness deal, I am still cheering for Butler to win the whole thing (or for VCU if they win tonight).  So at least I have teams that I prefer to make this all a little more interesting.  I will still be happy when it is over and the television goes back to black!

Vern Out

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