Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moody ME!

Today the best word to describe how I feel is irritable.  I know it's not so good and actually I have been this way for a few days now.  It could be related to my irregular womanly cycle, the muggy weather, my seemingly always-demanding, constantly fast-paced lifestyle, or perhaps it's a result of too little sleep the past few weeks and too little running the past few days, but whatever the reason I am irritable. 

As a result, I have argued with Jeff just about every day of the past week other than when I was out of town with the kids attending my nephew's birthday party.  The arguing I only take half of the responsibility for it because it not only takes two to tango and it take two to fight as well.

As a result of the combination of irritation and ongoing heated discussions, I nearly turned to the television last night.  Had it been Wednesday (Criminal Minds) or 7PM (Wheel of Fortune) I probably would have, but it was nine oclock on a Tuesday and as far as I know there is nothing worth watching in that time slot so I remained strong.  It was a very close call. 

This time instead of falling victim to a book, I was saved by my book.  The book (Devil in the White City)  that I was struggling to get started the other day (and at the time I feared may push me to watching television for a second time this year since 1984 had done so a few months ago) has actually gotten pretty darn interesting so I have been glued to that the past two days and last night I turned to that for comfort instead of television.  What I should have done was gone for a good run then I probably would not be so moody today, but it was dark and stormy.

Anyhow, life without television is still good today, just a little irritable as well. 

Vern Out


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