Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Smiths (finally)

Okay so this is late, really late; Ridiculously, embarrassingly, inexcusably late.  I promised this update about Rebel and Leslie back in July, but finally halfway through August it is here. Better late than never, I suppose.  You’re about to  embark on a true reading adventure!

I figured out why Rebel and Leslie have not been on the blog; they have created a television watching Utopia out on their deck.  They probably do little other than watch television while lounging on their comfortable couch and snacking. They are just too embarrassed to admit it so they avoid the blog.  They avoid it like the plague because to recognize it would force them to realize that they are addicted to their porch.  Apparently back in May Rebel was sitting around watching a Tigers game and wishing he could be outside enjoying the nice weather while enjoying the game and without having to buy tickets and commute to Motown.  Well after a little brainstorming session of his own, followed up by a fair amount of tough manual labor, he completed a major room transplant.  Rebel literally moved their living room from their former living room location out onto their deck.  It is so amazing and now he can honestly say they do not watch television in their house!  Their couch, coffee table and matching end table are all out on the deck as is their big screen television, lounge chairs and stereo system.  They have even decorated the area so that it has an authentic flavor of its own.  It is a television watcher’s Mecca; A true work of art.  I can honestly say if Jeff has done the same at our house I may have caved in and taken to watching television again myself so I guess I can be thankful that he is not as creative as my little brother.   

Anyhow, we don’t have a television deck castle like the Smiths and we survived our camping trip and have been completely television free with one exception, that until recently, I was unaware of; my husband has been cheating… and dragging our kids into his cheating ways as well.  I really think I would have been more forgiving if it had been a woman, but alas it was the television set that lured him away from our commitment.  The agreement was no television except for approved sports.  We had a heated discussion about this the other night so I believe the problem to be eradicated.  We’ll see. 

With my crazy marathon training schedule that requires long periods of time spent running for me and long periods of time watching our children for him, apparently he has been allowing for some television during these times and the kids were not watching Tiger Wood’s return.  And by some I mean a lot of useless cartoons.  I know it is scandalous.  I found out when I returned home for my watch the other day a few minutes after I had left for my long run of the week.  The television was up and running its own little marathon.  I was very upset, but I used my anger to fuel my run so it was a good one.  I kept a record breaking pace.  Last night I put in a long run and was gone for two hours and the television was not on when I got home.  After grilling the kids for quite awhile, I feel confident that it was not on while I ran either.

Vern Out 

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