Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Monday, December 19, 2011


I broke down and bought a loaf of bread yesterday.  I was really in the mood for a grilled cheese and without bread that simply wasn't an option so I caved.  At least I didn't fill my cart with a bunch of impulse items like I usually do.  I was focused;  I got bread.  Anyhow, the grilled cheese was amazing. I even coupled it with a can of Tomato Soup so that another can has been eliminated from the pantry. And now we are living off cookies! 

Yesterday was my family's 13th Annual Holiday Cookie Day and so we have a LOT of cookies at our place.  We did indeed eat cookies and milk for breakfast.  I threw a peice of peanut butter toast into the mix so that there was something other than cookies involved in breakfast time, but to be honest the kids are not stupid and they ate cookies, not toast.  I really messed up by offering the cookies up front this morning, but I won't make the same mistake at lunch.  We may have cookies for lunch as well, but I have a few leftover crackers and slices of cheese at home so I will start with those with a glass of milk and switch over to cookies afterwards.  That will definitely be a balanced meal!

I also started reading January's bookclub selection, The Thornbirds and while it started kind of slow I am totally hooked.  I read for about three hours last night without realizing so much time had elapsed.  It is really getting good so this book will probably suffice as entertainment for the evenings this holiday season since the book is really long, but really good.  Iwill also likely be sleep deprived this holiday season since the book is so good that I have to make myself stop reading and go to bed.

I also finished day 16 of my holiday running streak this morning with a glorious six mile jaunt on the cross country trails. I would LOVE a white Christmas, but I will make the most of any situation so instead of sulking over the lack of snow, I am logging a bunch of miles while the trails are clear!

Other than that I did watch the last ten minutes of the Lion's game yesterday and amazingly it was worth it!  What an incredible comeback that was!  I am optimistic that Miranda, Rebel or Dominica might put a holiday update on here. That sure would be a great Christmas present.

Happy Holidays,
Vern Out

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