Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stayin' alive

So I am thankful that the year of no TV is technically over now.  This past week two of my kids have had equally awful, yet oddly different, health situations going on.  Kara has been unable to stop coughing for like ten days now and Aven had the cough, got over it, spent a fair amount of time puking and has just been doing his very best to keep me busy for the past week.  His main means of doing so has been by puking in his sleep four out of the past five nights.  He will be fine all day long and then go to sleep and puke all over his bed.  The amount of time I have spent decontaminating this place has been excruciating. As a result, I have not been reading, writing, running or relaxing much; instead I've just been cleaning and then when I get done cleaning I start all over again.  And anyone who knows me, or has seen my house or van, knows that I am not known for my cleaning talents.  I do think that perhaps all of my effort has paid off as nobody else has started vomitting in their sleep and the cough has not been passed on to anyone else either.  Although, ironically, now that Aven is past the forty eight hour mark for his puking, it seems he has started coughing again. 

I just thought I'd let everyone know that we are still alive and hopefully some day soon I will actually get to leave my house and venture out into the world of the living!  There are a couple of silver linings in this crappy situation and those are that I am still healthy and that I have made a ton of progress on my book since I have been stuck here at the house and that I can seriously only clean so much before I start to go bonkers.  On the flip side, the kids have watched more television and movies in the past week than they have watched in the past fourteen months combined which stresses me out a little, but if I don't keep them entertained with the television it seems they create more messes.  Sometimes I just can't win, but I never quit.  That's one of my best qualities.

Vern Out

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