Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick update

Today is one of those days.  I have a ton of stuff going on today and I don't have a clear idea as to what I am going to write about this morning.  I guess what I should share with everyone is that I have watched quite a bit of television the last couple of days some of it was with good cause (educational in nature) and some of it was just to take my mind off things.  I have a good friend who just found out some pretty scary medical stuff and it has really led me to get a bit too philosophical and emotional this week.  Therefore, last night I spent about an hour watching silly sitcoms.  I guess sometimes television is a good thing because for that hour I didn't think about all of the emotional stuff going on with my friend.  Today I am hoping to work on my book some more although this book writing is much more grueling than I ever imagined. 

Last weekend Jeff and I watched Hot Tub Time Machine and I will just say that that is ninety minutes of my life that I am not getting back and I am not happy about that.  I was disappointed that John Cusack would do such a ridiculous movie.  We still are working out long term television watching rules.  Still during the day the kids and I do not watch any television other than the Letter Facory which is aired each day at four when Kara gets off the school bus.  It teaches letters to preschoolers and my kids are learning a lot so I feel okay allowing this one.  I still have not fit in Ellen.  I keep meaning to watch it, but it just never works out.

Vern Out

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