Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiger insanity

When did my sanity become so dependent on nap times and Grandma days?  I feel like I need an entire month of Grandma days in order to catch up right now and even then I would probably still be arguing with Jeff about carpet selection.  At least I won the in-law lottery and have the best in-laws in the entire universe so I know I will get a break come Thursday. 

What I really need is two of me, a clone.  The person would have to have access to all of my infinite widsom to be useful.  Otherwise forget it. But could you imagine if there were two of you working simultaneously on your "to do" list?  It would be such a beautiful thing.  I might actually get caught up or at least feel like I am not falling further behind each and every day!

So here's a card I never thought I'd receive in the mail.  Five days before my first marathon and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an exquisite sympathy card for the loss of my toe nails!  My sister Miranda is the best sister in the whole wide world. She altered a traditional sympathy card to fit my current physical situation which is nursing two lost toe nails from my 20 mile training run a few weeks ago in preparation for the big event, the grand finale to my 2011 running season-The Grand Rapids Marathon this Sunday.  I am all tensed up about it, but the card really helped me to feel better.  My toes are still ugly, but at least I feel a little better about my situation.  Miranda is the only person in the universe who really gets me (probably because she is so much like me). and on a day when I had been near tears (of frustration)  a few times already (and it is only lunch time) this card was PERFECT! 

Anyhow, I hope to survive this week so that I am able to run the marathon come Sunday if not maybe my friend Brian can just drag my coffin along with him!  Probably not, but maybe.  If the Tigers could win the next three or four games that would help to calm my nerves considerably. While I like the exciting, dramatic games, I could use a nice calm game where my nerves and emotions are not riding the latest Cedar Point roller coaster for four and a half hours straight. I get motion sickness easily-- seriously my stomach was upset last night. And while I am at it, I might as well request a victory (or four) that would be nice as well.  ROAR!

Vern Out

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