Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Big Ten Network

No we didn't break down and sign up for the Big Ten Network although some days I wish we had.  So instead I am sitting here listening to the MSU game on the radio because my children were too naughty to earn a fabulous, all-inclusive, trip to Grandma's to watch it on ESPN.  There was even a potential sleepover involved so I really thought they would behave. Boy was I wrong. I was pretty upset with them for being so unbelievably bad this evening because I was really looking forward to watching the game on the big screen, but if there is one thing I know it is that kids will be kids.  And boy were they kids tonight. Naughty ones. I've adjusted and I am mostly over it.

Now sitting here in near silence without anyone around I am actually thankful for the break and I can still follow the game. I just can't see it.  I know the kids are all fighting a cold and were tired from our busy day so I tried to be understanding, but still their level of naughty was absolutely horrifying.  I can only hope this means they will be little angels at church in the morning and for lunch with friends tomorrow.  Jeff ran to Grandma's as soon as possible when I informed him that the kids had not earned anything other than an early bed time with potential for a book reading for good behavior  (if they could keep their whining in check)!  Amazingly enough they did get three books before bed!  With Jeff gone and the kids sleeping, I am seriously enjoying the down time, not the TV. 

Also notable from today's activities was a second failure of mine at donating blood.  The last time I tried to donate I was a senior in high school and my iron was too low.  I am somewhat embarrased to admit that I have not so much as attempted to give blood in the last 17 years.  Well today I gave it my all and I fell short again.  I was sad to be so close and fall short.  This time it was not iron that kept me from donating, but I simply didn't have a pint of blood to spare.  I gave about a half of a pint and then I dried up.  They said I was likely dehydrated and given that I spent the better part of Tuesday night puking and with diarrhea I guess I should not be surprised if I am still dehydrated, but still I was disappointed.  Anyhow, I was unable to donate once again, but this time I vow to try again soon instead of a decade or two from now.

Another notable change in me is that my favorite new line is, "I can do _____. I ran a marathon!"  The other night we were in bed and Hazel was coughing so hard I thought she was going to hack up a lung and I asked Jeff if he thought we should get the vaporizer out?  He listed a bunch of inconveniences involved with the process and said, "She'll be fine. It's too much hassle". I quickly responded, "I ran a marathon. I think I can handle hooking up the vaporizor".  And that is just what I did!

Now if I could just get my siblings on here to update us life would be oh so good!  Of course, I can always revert back to providing updates for them since I am so creative and ambitious.  It has been over a month since we have heard from anyone! 

Let's GO GREEN!  Who needs the Big Ten Network I have WGHN!

Vern Out

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