Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Juggling kids

Somedays I am left feeling like a circus performer instead of a mom.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I felt like I had physically juggled kids all day and then tamed a lion or two all while ensuring that nap time was honored.  It was grueling.  I was so tired out by the end of the day that I just sat comatose on the couch for about an hour.  No need to worry. My NOTV reputation is in tact, the television was not used even for a second.  We just listened to the tigers game on WLAV.  So how did I end up so worn out?  I will provide a short recap.

This past weekend marked a momentous occasion; it was the first annual Christmas in July!  No we didn't head to Art Van to peruse mattresses. Our Christmas in July was a gathering of Jeff's family (in leiu of our normal Christmas Eve gathering) for a full day spent at the lake swimming, socializing and having fun.  And it was so fun, but it was also exhausting.  For all those people out there who run around at Christmas time like an exhausted ball boy at the Wimbledon, I would recommend transplanting one of your most inconvenient gatherings to the middle of summer.  It was a huge success.  More people attended Christmas in July than any Christmas in the past two decades! 

We spent Sunday trying to recover;  Unsuccessfully I might add because when we woke up Monday it was clear that something was wrong.  Everyone was out of sorts, everyone was moody and my heralding and death defying circus performance began! I honestly think I would have rather spent a day walking the tight rope than having to care for my kids yesterday.  If Christmas lists were made by Santa today my kids would definitely be on the naughty list.  The other notable instance was at about eleven when I also had to logistically juggle some kids.  Kara went off to Grandma's for a planned sleepover (thank goodness) and through some dumb luck of my own I added two additional kids to the mix (I know I am a gluton for punishment).

Anyhow, I survived and without my television thank you very much!  The two add on kids did enjoy watching "Santa Clause" during nap time in an attempt to stick with the Christmas in July theme.  I normally would not allow television for visitors, but amidst the circus act I made an exception.  At least no member of our family was involved and it kept them out of my hair for an hour and a half.  That way I was able to fumigate our house from the circus act that has been going on here the past few days!

Vern Out

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