Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Stayin alive

Holy smokes.  I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote on here.  The entire formatting has changed since I've been on here.  I am kind of scared to post this.  What if it totally blows up our entire blog? 

So life is trucking along business as usual. I'm still running, still reading, still writing (not enough though apparently) and still relaxing when life allows for it although not enough relaxation happening lately. 

Anyhow, we still haven't come to much of an agreement about the whole television issue at our house for long term, but for right now we have tv days and no-tv days.  The schedule goes something like this MWF/Sunday tv is allowed, T/TH/Saturday no tv allowed.  I do understand basic math and I realize I got the bad end of this deal. I get one less quiet, tv-free day each week.  However, I am home all day everyday with the kids and we leave the television off other than for a half hour at the end of the tv allowed days if everyone's been good.  Lately we have not been watching much afternoon television because my kids have been pretty much awful this week.  At least I get a break when I go to the Aquatic Center to work out!

A bit of a confession: I made the ill advised decision to get just two balloons at the store the other day.  When you have three kids, buying two balloons is a very bad idea.  Don't every do that.  Not ever. Anyhow, I had just two kids with me at the store so I thought (foolishly I might add) that my kids would be able to handle sharing these two beautiful balloons.  AJ has been wanting a balloon for months and he earned a dollar cleaning up trash at Kara's school trail clean-up last week.  A guy stopped and handed him a dollar.  Since he was the only one who came to help me since Kara was sick I felt he should get a balloon out of the deal.  He saved that dollar to get a balloon and so I ended up at the store with two kids buying the balloons.  Fast forward a couple of days and you will find me completely frazzled while listening to my three children fighting non-stop since the ill advised purchase had occured over the balloons and you'd have found me ripping the balloons out of their hands and throwing them out the door. 

But not before I explained to them the old program at Fremont Public Schools when I was a kid and we released the balloons each year with contact information on them hoping that we would receive a letter back from who ever found it.  And I even helped them to do the same and we had so much fun setting the balloons free! The kids watched them as they disappeared over the horizon and squealed with delight as they watched.  Who knows if we will ever hear from anyone, probably not.  But at least it solved my immediate problem without more crying and whining.  And it was actually a lot of fun for all of us and most importantly it didn't involve the use of the television. 

Tomorrow I get to run with  some of my running buddies!  I can't wait for the break from the kids and for the exercise, for the conversation and possibly most of all for the post run coffee since it is going to be cold and rainy!
Vern Out

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