Smith Kids MSU Tailgate

Smith Kids MSU Tailgate
Dominica, Veronica, Rebel and Miranda

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Smith Kids

I thought it might be helpful to our huge following haha (thanks Cari and Kirby for tuning in)  to have a titch of information about the 4 Smith siblings that are involved in our challenge so here goes:

Dominica (Oldest Sibling) and her husband Ivar vanKoten.  As the eldest Dominica fits the part. She is the sibling who fled the home state built a solid career and is a highly successful big wig in the federal government. They live in DC and when the challenge was first presented to her she said "what no tv, but that is all that we do!"

Veronica (2nd oldest Child)  The crazy BRAIN behind the blog and no tv challenge!  You have read all about me if you have read the blog.  I live with my husband and three small children in a small rural town in West Michigan.

Rebel Smith (3rd oldest and only son).  He and his wife Leslie live in fremont MI and are both school teachers.  When the idea was presented to them thankfully Rebel said that is "an awesome idea we are gonna be famous!!!"  thanks to him for encouraging us to push on with this idea

Miranda (youngest) and her husband Mark Daniels.  The Daniels have 2 young sons and live in a small town in Michigan a couple of hours away from the rest of us.  Miranda gets sole credit for the blog being ALIVE in time for the new year as she took the time to set it up!  YOU ROCK GIRL!  Miranda is already hard at work training for the challenge (yes she has already been turning the tv off even when her two year old begs her for Sesame Street!

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